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Friday, 01 June 2012

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puffclleadpicslyCigar smoking comes naturally to the two-fisted action heroes of the silver screen, so it’s no surprise that several of the actors known for playing those roles are smokers in real life. One of the most enthusiastic is Sylvester Stallone. In a 1998 interview, the star of the “Rocky” and “Rambo” films related how he developed his love for fine cigars.

“I was doing the movie ‘F.I.S.T.’ and it seemed that the character should appropriately be smoking a cigar. So I started, in 1977. I had a neophyte’s approach to smoking, but I enjoyed it. It was very odd, but as soon as I had a cigar in my hand, it would catapult me much faster into the character’s sensibility than without the cigar.

“I guess that’s very odd. But it makes a cigar an unusual tool. A cigar does that because we've grown up seeing cigars as having a connotation of power or prestige, or at least the man who smokes them seems to be very glamorous and almost monolithic compared to a cigarette smoker. A guy who smokes a cigar seems to be a very confident human being.

“After that point, I went back to cigarettes once or twice and then I quit totally. Cleaned out my lungs for three years and then went back to smoking cigars intelligently, for lack of a better term, from a connoisseur's point of view.”

Stallone is very particular about his cigars—and their bands. “I’m very partial to Fuentes. I think the whole Fuentes package is wonderful, but the [Fuente Fuente] OpusX for some reason seems to push all my buttons.

“Well aesthetically, it's beautiful. I collect art, and quite often I’ll look at a cigar and if it’s blemished or the color isn’t quite right or I see some fraying or the lines are not architectural, I’m turned off by it. This seems to have everything. And the band is kind of like a Renaissance filigree. It has a kind of bold, what’s the word I’m looking for, almost Inquisitional-type X. The band almost looks like a piece of metal; again, the band is so aesthetically pleasing. I think image has a lot to do with cigars and people don’t quite understand enough that there is the aesthetic quality.”

Stallone sounded almost spiritual when he described how he felt about the experience of smoking a fine cigar. “I guess you could say that a good cigar is a magic carpet ride. It really transports you to another realm of consciousness where, when a cigar is good and the conversation is good, you are now into a heightened sense of awareness. You are as close as you can get to an altered state without drugs as possible, I believe. I believe that a good cigar, a glass of wine and a good conversation is as close to euphoria as you can get in a legal sense.”


Harrison Ford is more of a private cigar lover, preferring to puff his smokes in the privacy of his Wyoming ranch. Ford’s cigar of choice is Gurkha. The “Indiana Jones” star was presented with one of the pricey smokes by the girls in 2009 and was later seen smoking it on the set of his film “Morning Glory.”

Mel Gibson is more public about his fondness for cigars, having been spotted at some of the country’s posher smoke-filled hangouts like Club Macanudo and the Grand Havana Room. One of Gibson’s non-action-hero roles was as a tobacco lobbyist in “Thank You for Smoking.”


Gibson had a well-publicized rendezvous with pop princess Britney Spears during her wilder days. The recently-divorced singer joined the actor at the members-only Havana Club, whose clientele also includes former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Affleck, Danny DeVito and Sylvester Stallone. The two arrived and departed separately but spend more than two hours in hushed conversation. Was he giving the troubled singer advice on her personal life?

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