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Thursday, 10 October 2013

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If you’ve spent a bundle on the tools to enhance your cigar smoking experience, you need to keep all those accessories in good shape so they can continue to serve you well. Cigar cutters, scissors, lighters and humidors all require regular maintenance, so don’t neglect them. Here are a few tips on how to keep all of them in top shape to protect your favorite smokes.





Cigar Cutters

If you have a cheap plastic guillotine cutter that gets dull, you should just toss it and spring for a new (and hopefully better one) before it ruins one of your fine cigars. It makes no sense to let a $2 cutter mutilate a $15 smoke! If you have a cutter with stainless steel blades that have become gunked up with gum and bits of tobacco, soak it in a cup of hot water for about an hour. If the blades are clean, dry it carefully with a towel. If they’re not, give the cutter more time in the water. Do this whenever your cutter gets dirty and you’ll find its performance much improved. Dirty blades can also be cleaned with alcohol and cotton swabs or an alcohol wipe.

Be careful when handling cutters—don’t slice your fingers!

If you have one of those high-end cutters from Colibri or Xitar, the casing must be removed for proper sharpening. Don’t try to do this yourself—take the cutter to your local tobacconist, preferably the one that sold it to you, and have it sent to the manufacturer for professional cleaning. Be warned that this can take a couple of months, so have another cutter as a standby. When you buy an expensive cutter, be sure to save the paperwork in case you need it later to contact the manufacturer.

Cigar Scissors

Like cigar cutters, cigar scissors are prone to collecting sticky residue and bits of tobacco. Fortunately, they’re easier to clean and sharpen. First, clean both sides of the two blades with an alcohol wipe. Allow scissors to dry, then sharpen with sandpaper. Choose fine grit aluminum oxide sandpaper and make three or four cuts into the sheet. Hold the sandpaper taut and make slow, straight cuts. Rewipe the blades with another alcohol wipe and dry with a towel.

Cigar Lighter

Torch lighters can be tricky and fickle, so they need some special care to work their best. The most important thing you can do to keep your torch lighter in top shape, and avoid a clogged nozzle, is to always use quintuple refined butane. You can get this anywhere cigars are sold, and while it’s not cheap, it can save you from having to replace an expensive lighter.


Treat your torch lighter with care, and don’t let it be exposed to the elements. Do not leave it in a hot car, don’t leave it outside and don’t let it get wet. Lighters perform best at room temperature. Periodically, clean the nozzle with “canned air.”

Those first few tips were the basics but what's really important here is caring for your humidor and the cigars that you keep inside them.  The next page will give you valuable advice on maintaining your humidor so you don't ruin your sticks.

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