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Saturday, 31 August 2013

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romeotobacco legislation

Small cigars blamed for teen smoking (again)

No one (except for tobacco companies) really wants to see teens pick up the cigarette habit. Most cigar lovers consider their passion to be an adult pastime, and you’re just not going to see a gang on teens hanging out on the corner puffing on $20 cigars. Still, some cigars are being blamed for young people picking up the smoking habit.


Candy Flavored Cigars

The latest anti-smoking vigilante to raise alarms about small cigars is Jennifer Cantrell, director of research and evaluation for the anti-tobacco Legacy Foundation, and her target is candy-flavored cigars. She claims, “We're seeing chocolate, cherry, wild cherry, strawberry, grape, candy apple. Pretty much every flavor you can think of that you might see in a gum or candy product we're seeing in little cigars and cigarillos.”

Cantrell feels that these small cigars are directly marketed at young people, and especially takes issue with the displays for the flavored cigars. “They're almost indistinguishable from candy packaging; they tend to be bright and colorful. One ad looks like a big box of colorful crayons.”

A spokesperson for Altria, maker of a popular brand of cigarillos and distributor of premium cigars, had this response: “The company designs its marketing programs to enhance brand awareness, recognition and loyalty among adult tobacco smokers to grow market share. At retail, we present our brands to legal-aged tobacco smokers at the point of purchase.”

The way these small cigars appeal to teens and 20-somethings has aroused the attention of the Food and Drug Administration, which is eyeing more regulations on flavored cigars and cigarillos. This is ominous for the makers and smokers of premium cigars because federal bureaucrats are hardly experts at discerning the difference between these cheap smokes and higher quality items like fine premium cigars. While minors should not have access to tobacco products, responsible adults should not have to deal with onerous restrictions on how and where they can purchase premium cigars.

The Cigar Republic opens in Danbury, CT

Whether you’re just looking to buy a few premium cigars or a place to enjoy them with friends, The Cigar Republic is your one-stop shop in Danbury, CT. Owner Anthony Scipioni, one of five brothers whose family business is cigar retailing, opened the store recently and designed the lounge to evoke the spirit of 1920s Havana. Members can enjoy a bar and TVs, plus have their own personal humidors. The Cigar Republic stocks a wide variety of cigars ranging in price from $3 to $37 each.

Those cigars are stored in humidor cases that according to Scipioni, keep them “always under perfect conditions.” The shop also boasts a state-of-the-art circulation system. Special events with major cigar makers are now being planned for customers and lounge members.

The Cigar Republic is located at 109 South St., Danbury, CT, 203-826-9809 or online at

Electronic Cigar?

If necessity is the mother of invention, why does so much unnecessary stuff get invented? It’s not that hard to understand why a smoker who’s trying to kick the cigarette habit would try the electronic cigarette as a temporary crutch while weaning yourself off the real thing, but what’s the point of an electronic cigar?



There are so many more components to the cigar smoking experience than just ingesting nicotine, like inhaling the aroma of the unlit cigar as you unwrap it, cutting it precisely and taking time to light it. Then there’s the first puff and the whole sensation of just relaxing with a fine premium cigar.

The electronic cigar sounds suspiciously like a pacifier for grownups, a substitute to puff on while pretending it’s a real cigar. But what respectable cigar aficionado would be caught dead smoking one of these things? If you’re going to be a cigar smoker, keep it real!


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