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Monday, 17 January 2011

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cignews1.17.2011 Today we have three different news items to discuss. First, we will take a look at the upcoming Tobacco Plus Expo in Vegas, and it will be followed by some news in New York involving a new smoking ban and a lawsuit over secondhand smoke.

Tobacco Plus Expo 2011 is coming to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is certainly no stranger to conventions. After all, it seems like a perfect spot to hold them with its numerous hotels and other attractions. One upcoming convention that will surely appeal to those involved in the tobacco industry is the Tobacco Plus Expo.

The Tobacco Plus Expo has been around for over 15 years, and it offers both manufacturers and distributors in the industry an avenue for showing off their products. The expo is much more than just a showcase of goods, however. It also gives those in attendance the opportunity to network and educate themselves on how to improve their businesses. The event takes place on an annual basis, and crowds have exceeded the 2,000 mark in terms of attendance in the past.

This year's Tobacco Plus Expo is set to take place on March 2nd and 3rd at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Those who register for the expo represent nearly the entire spectrum of the tobacco industry, including manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters, consultants, tobacconists, convenience or tobacco store owners, and more. The list of exhibitors expected to take part in the expo is huge. Altadis USA, Davidoff, General Tobacco, CAO, Miami Cigar, Rocky Patel, Swedish Match, and Zippo are just some of the names on the list. To ensure that all of the expo's news and announcements are documented, plenty of press is expected to be on hand as well.

The events scheduled for the expo include some conference sessions, a cigar blending demonstration, a reception on opening night, plus the chance to enjoy a premium cigar bar and lounge while networking with clients. The conference sessions are meant to be informative and provide attendees with an education and insight on various topics. Among the topics that will be discussed include how to turn your tobacco business into a profitable brand, hiring the best employees, and how to build customer loyalty, to name a few. The cigar blending demonstration will be headed by Jose Blanco of La Aurora. Blanco will show participants the ins and outs of cigar blending and allow them to sample different cigars so they can use that expertise when working with customers.

2011's Tobacco Plus Expo sounds like a great event for those looking to build and grow their business in the tobacco industry, as well as those who are already established. More information on the expo can be found at its official website,



0 # Neighbors Fuming Over Second Hand SmokeLenny Waller 2011-01-17 21:03
Being a 60 year old cigar smoker, I am appalled at the Pompous attitude of the non smokers toward the smokers. No matter what bothers you, you can't live in a Glass Bubble. Car exhaust, chemicals, fumes from restaurant exhausts. Fumes from oil burners, & much more affect those with Asthma, as well as Cold weather does.
The growth & sale of tobacco in this country is legal. It's use is legal.
Thanks to a City, State, & Federal government, acting as a "Nanny Government" We are loosing our right to make our own choice.
I personally feel a persons home is their castle. In my castle we allow smoking.
Prohibition didn't work for liquor. What makes any one think it will work for smokers?
The numbers our mayor uses to say smoking is 35% down. Is totally false. As I pointed out at the NYC, & N Y S Public Hearings held in 2010. The 35% shows the number of tobacco products being purchased across state lines, on the Black Market, & on the INTERNET.
Our Mayor has a proposal to try to ban smoking in Public Parks, On Public beaches, On those useless Sitting Plazas, & in Marinas.
Smoking has been baned from restaurants, bars, clubs,& work places There are only a hand full of legal smoking establishments in each borough.
The Air belongs to everyone , Smokers pay taxes too. Smokers have rights. Cigar smokers pay the S H E R P A federal tax which can be as high as 90 Cents a cigar. This money goes into the children's health
Please remember smokers are tax paying citizens, who also vote! We are not Piranhas on society.
Lenny Waller Bronx N.Y.C.

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