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Monday, 17 January 2011

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Small village in New York gets a tough smoking ban


In keeping with the recent trend of the growing number of smoking bans, a small New York village has instituted one of the toughest bans the United States has seen yet. Citizens of Great Neck, a village located in Nassau County, New York, are no longer allowed to smoke in certain outdoor areas as of January 4, 2011.

The new ban prohibits smoking on sidewalks that run in front of the village's Housing Authority, Village Green park, and in front of commercial buildings. Smoking is also prohibited within 125 feet of Middle Neck Road, which is the main road that passes through Great Neck. As for the areas where residents or visitors can smoke, those are very limited. Smoking is allowed in homes and backyards. Sidewalks are fine, as long as they are not in front of the aforementioned businesses. The village's parking lots allow smoking as well, provided it is not done within ten feet of any lot benches.

Response to the ban seems to be mixed. Many local business owners feel that the ban will impact them in a negative manner. Others, however, say it was needed because outside smoke was flowing into their businesses and affecting their air quality. Smokers are obviously unhappy and feel that their rights are being infringed upon.

The number of people affected by the ban overall is small, since less than 10,000 residents populate Great Neck. Still, it sets an example that other towns, cities, and possibly states may follow in the future, making it bad news for smokers and fans of cigars who like to light up in the great outdoors. Hopefully, this is just an example of an isolated incident and not a sign of things to come.


0 # Neighbors Fuming Over Second Hand SmokeLenny Waller 2011-01-17 21:03
Being a 60 year old cigar smoker, I am appalled at the Pompous attitude of the non smokers toward the smokers. No matter what bothers you, you can't live in a Glass Bubble. Car exhaust, chemicals, fumes from restaurant exhausts. Fumes from oil burners, & much more affect those with Asthma, as well as Cold weather does.
The growth & sale of tobacco in this country is legal. It's use is legal.
Thanks to a City, State, & Federal government, acting as a "Nanny Government" We are loosing our right to make our own choice.
I personally feel a persons home is their castle. In my castle we allow smoking.
Prohibition didn't work for liquor. What makes any one think it will work for smokers?
The numbers our mayor uses to say smoking is 35% down. Is totally false. As I pointed out at the NYC, & N Y S Public Hearings held in 2010. The 35% shows the number of tobacco products being purchased across state lines, on the Black Market, & on the INTERNET.
Our Mayor has a proposal to try to ban smoking in Public Parks, On Public beaches, On those useless Sitting Plazas, & in Marinas.
Smoking has been baned from restaurants, bars, clubs,& work places There are only a hand full of legal smoking establishments in each borough.
The Air belongs to everyone , Smokers pay taxes too. Smokers have rights. Cigar smokers pay the S H E R P A federal tax which can be as high as 90 Cents a cigar. This money goes into the children's health
Please remember smokers are tax paying citizens, who also vote! We are not Piranhas on society.
Lenny Waller Bronx N.Y.C.

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