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Wednesday, 02 March 2011

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cignews3.1.10 We have a handful of news stories to report today, so keep reading for more on an interesting resolution in a cigar feud between neighbors, the formation of a new cigar company, a possible change in New York's cigar tax, and an extreme smoking ban in Honduras.

New York cigar fan agrees to pay $2,000 penalty if he smokes near his neighbors


You may have heard about the case in Manhattan concerning a feud between neighbors over cigar smoke. Russel and Amanda Poses sued Harry Lysons, their Upper East Side neighbor, for $2 million last month. The claim? Mr. Lysons' cigar smoke drifted into their East 79th Street apartment and negatively impacted their family's quality of life.

The case has come to a resolution that seems rather harsh, but is not as bad as it could have been. If his cigar smoke reaches the Poses' apartment once again, Lysons will have to pay a penalty of $2,000. If the penalty is not paid within 15 days, an extra $1,500 will be due. While the fines seem excessive for the simple act of smoking, Lysons' attorney said that his client would have agreed to a $1 million fine, since he plans to stop smoking in his apartment altogether.

Instead of giving up smoking entirely, Lysons promises to enjoy his cigars outside of the comfort of his own apartment. Rather than having the feud escalate further, he agreed to the proposed penalties to be a good neighbor. Instead of clogging up the court system with their personal feud, the two parties have agreed to communicate with each other should any problems arise in the future. To enforce the smoking ban imposed on Lysons' apartment, the Poses are allowed to knock on his door if they feel they smell any cigar smoke. His apartment will have to pass a so-called “smell test” to avoid any penalties.

The Poses filed their suit after 18 months of bickering. They argued that the smoke drifting from Lysons' apartment made things like eating dinner unbearable. They also claimed that their children's health was being put at risk. Just one month ago, Lysons was reportedly furious over the suit and the claims made against him, which makes the final resolution to the Lysons-Poses feud rather surprising.

This latest ruling is just another in the line of anti-smoking moves in the state of New York. Extremely high taxes and outdoor smoking bans have made it tough on cigar fans living in or visiting the Empire State, and one has to wonder what will be next. Hopefully, the ruling in the Lysons case is not a sign of things to come.

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