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Friday, 28 June 2013

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If you ever feel like your rights as a smoker are being eroded, you’re right. Over the last several decades, numerous laws have been passed that curtail when and where you can light up. As we await the latest ruling from the government on whether the FDA will be allowed to regulate cigars, here’s a timeline of past tobacco legislation.





A look at films made in the forties and fifties or watching an episode of “Mad Men” will remind you that smoking using to be taken for granted and allowed everywhere. Cigarettes and cigars were advertised with television commercials, while doctors and celebrities posed for print ads extolling the virtues of their favorite brands.


Then, the tide gradually began to turn against smoking, especially smoking cigarettes. The current public war on smokers began with the historic 1964 study by the Surgeon General of the United States. Since then, here’s what has happened:

Following the 1964 report from the Surgeon General linking tobacco use to lung cancer, health warnings began appearing on cigarette packs after being mandated by Congress. Every cigarette pack had to bear the words: “Caution—cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health.”

President Nixon signed legislation banning cigarette advertising on television and radio. Cigarette companies had been the single largest advertisers on TV the previous year, but the final cigarette ad ever aired on “The Tonight Show” on January 1, 1971.


The first statewide law requiring smoking areas in public places, the Minnesota Clean Air Act, took effect. Other states followed suit.

Congress passed a bill banning smoking on domestic flights lasting less than two hours. This law took effect in 1988, and marked the beginning of the end for smoking on commercial flights. In 1989, a bill banning all smoking on domestic flights was passed by Congress. Also in 1987, Aspen, Colorado, started the trend to ban smoking in restaurants.

Again in 1987, the city of Beverly Hills passed an ordinance restricting smoking in most restaurants, retail stores and public meetings. Hotels were exempted from the law due to the large numbers of visitors from other countries where smoking is more accepted.

Keep reading to see if we are making any progress in the battle against Tobacco Regulation.


0 # RE: Cigar Rights and Tobacco Legislation: A Timeline of Anti-Smoking RegulationJames Holland 2013-06-29 20:28
I believe that the FDA has plans to regulate cigars just as they have cigarettes. It is up to us to fight this. If we do nothing, we will inherit continued regulation of cigars and, eventually there demise. I joined Cigar Rights of America. Sorry I didn't join years ago, they are getting results in combating cigar regulation.

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0 # freedom fighterjohn davidson 2013-06-30 08:23
Heres a time line starting in 1900,dont be surprised to see the same thing playing out today nearly 100 years later.

1901: REGULATION: Strong anti-cigarette activity in 43 of the 45 states. "Only Wyoming and Louisiana had paid no attention to the cigarette controversy, while the other forty-three states either already had anti-cigarette laws on the books or were considering new or tougher anti-cigarette laws, or were the scenes of heavy anti- cigarette activity" (Dillow, 1981:10).

1904: New York: A judge sends a woman is sent to jail for 30 days for smoking in front of her children.

1904: New York City. A woman is arrested for smoking a cigarette in an automobile. "You can't do that on Fifth Avenue," the arresting officer says.

1907: Business owners are refusing to hire smokers. On August 8, the New York Times writes: "Business ... is doing what all the anti-cigarette specialists could not do."

1917: SMOKEFREE: Tobacco control laws have fallen, including smoking bans in numerous cities, and the states of Arkansas, Iowa, Idaho and Tennessee.

1937: hitler institutes laws against smoking.

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