Written by Kevin Godbee

Wednesday, 02 September 2009

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You just know things are getting harder when smoking a cigar in a public place has been banned in the very heart of cigar country, and that’s what happened four years ago in Cuba. While it may not be that difficult here in the United States just yet, our freedom to smoke in a public place - or just about any place for that matter - is slowly being whittled away.



In New York the city authorities have even tried to shut down cigar bars claiming that they were in breach of the Smoke Free Air Act. Fortunately for patrons of those bars, a judge saw the stupidity of shutting down the one of the few places where cigar smokers were still able to congregate in large numbers and enjoy a good cigar in the company of other cigar smokers.

In other parts of America we do still have some freedom to smoke in public places, but you just have to wonder how long it will be before we’re shut off from those places. In many other parts of the world there are already bans on cigar smoking in public places and it must only be a matter of time before we are facing that situation right across America.

Many states have already shut us out of restaurants, cafes and bars so now is the time to make a stand. Now is the time to start writing to your elected representatives at all levels of government letting them know that you, as a cigar smoker, have rights that need to be protected.

I know that many cigar smokers are really angry and want to protest in the most vehement terms about the treatment we have received at the hands of the local, state and federal governments but perhaps now is the time to be a little more reasoned in our approach.



0 # Reducing the Anger is GoodEric Bodenstab 2009-09-01 23:27
This is an excellent way to start. Now let me encourage the next step - offering an alternate solution.

How about legislation which lets the market decide. Give restaurant owners and managers the responsibility of deciding whether their restaurant allows smoking. Such an option allows local markets to determine what they want to have in their area.

But I agree with the point of the article. Getting angry won't help us keep our rights.

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0 # If only logic and common sense could prevailKevin Godbee 2009-09-02 23:20
Thanks for reading and commenting Eric.

I have written some pretty strong rants on this topic, which can be pretty easy to do because it has really become absurd. I must have taken my meds when I wrote this one. LOL! Joking.

I agree with you 100%. Your solution couldn't be more logical, reasonable and intelligent. As a matter of fact, personal freedoms are what this country was founded on, and free markets are what has grown it to be STILL the biggest, and strongest country in the world.

A business owner being able to decide if smoking will be allowed in his establishment, which he pays rent, taxes, etc. on is only about as logical as any of us being able to decide which color curtains we would like to hang in our living room.

A restaurant (or any business) should be able to decide if smoking will be allowed. Then they clearly communicate that fact and let people decide if they want to patronize the business or not. It's as easy as changing the channel on TV if you don't care for the program.

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0 # Free market = good stuffMr. Average 2009-10-16 03:08
I agree, it is a good thing to let the market decide. I think both smoking and non-smoking establishments would succeed equally well. Those who don't like to have second hand smoke would go to non-smoking establishments. People who do like to smoke will go to smoking establishments.

However, I have to admit that I'm not keen on smoking my cigars in smoke filled rooms as I don't like getting the aroma of Full bodied cigar if I'm in the mood for a mild, or vice versa. It's like someone holding a strawberry under your nose when tasting wine. Most of our ability to taste comes from our sense of smell. And if we're not tasting the cigar as it was designed, then people are basically tossing their money and should just smoke more affordable smokes in a smoke filled room.

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0 # Logic and ChoiceScott Spear 2009-10-16 22:01
I like my Cigars. A good cigar is relaxing and helps stimulate good conversation with friends.

That said I don't want the smell of cigar or cigarette smoke while I am eating. I want to enjoy the smell and taste of my food and I want my companions to have the same enjoyment.

I think from a free market standpoint that the smoking issue in any establishement should be left to the own. I certainly enjoy watching the game at my watering hole while smoking a fine cigar. We should assist business owners who want to establish a smoker friendly business and respect those who make a different business decision. But we should support the rights of the market business people to make their own decisions and keep the government out.

It would also help us to have a little education of the public. The most used reason for banning smoking is "second hand smoke kills". There is no scientific evidence to support this claim. When you are engaged in this type of conversation simply ask if the person you are talking if they can give you the name of anyone who has died because of second hand smoke. Don't be rude.

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0 # This isn't the time to go wobbly.LibertyToad 2009-10-17 01:54
Contact with our reps should be reasoned and polite, but forceful--this isn't the time to be weak. Being weak will not get us anywhere, but taking a reasoned stand will.

Your effort to preserve your rights should be directly proportional to the importance that right has for you.

We're not going to get anywhere buy giving in or playing their way....

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0 # ban it alreadyzach 2010-05-17 16:19
smoking is horrible and effects others around who have no choice. the end. case closed.

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0 # RE: Cigar Smokers Fight for the Right to Smoke in PublicPolitelyNotSmoking 2010-12-03 16:20
I don't have a problem with anyone smoking anything. The problems start when a non-naturally occurring action is initiated by an actor and the products of that action come in contact with a non-actor. (The smoker's smoke particle touches an unwilling recipient)

When the smoker projects smoke particles onto the unwilling reciipient, the smoker has violated the recipient's right not to smoke. I believe all can agree on that point.

So the solution is to not violate the rights of others. It's that simple. If you want to smoke, make sure you smoke all of your smoke. No one wants to limit your right to consume or be surrounded by smoke.

The subject of outdoor smoking arises naturally from this question. It's ok to smoke outdoors until any smoke you generate comes in contact with a person that doesn't want to smoke. Possibly smoke recycling helmets or establishments catering to smokers is the answer so that the smoker can get the maximum amount of smokey goodness.

This may be an enterprise opportunity to take advantage of. An attraction that keeps the indoor air pressure at less than ambient pressure and has the capability of scrubbing the smoke particles from the indoor air before exhausting it into ambient air.

All the best and no hard feelings to anyone that enjoys smoking. Just please respect the rights of those that do not wish to participate.

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