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Wednesday, 13 March 2002

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Fughetabawdit, unh? How can any cigar live up to a reputation as dynamic as Brooklyn, New York? Fughetabawdit, unh? How can any cigar live up to a reputation as dynamic as Brooklyn, New York? Well not sure that it did...but not sure that it didn't either. The Drew Estate Brooklyn all at once confused, overwhelmed, satisfied, relaxed, and bullied our reviewers. Here's the scoop... Uptown Cigar Company and Drew Estate share a bond beyond the love of great cigars. That bond is Brooklyn, the place where all the senses come alive. So when Uptown Cigar asked Drew Estate to create a blend exclusively for them, it had to be worthy of its name, “Brooklyn", "Brooklyn" became available July 2001 as part of the Drew Estate Natural line and will be found only at Uptown Cigar Company. Not that that's a bad thing, as if you have ever dealt with Uptown Cigar, you've undoubtedly been taken care of. Made and blended in Nicaragua, "Brooklyn", sports a Cameroon wrapper. Like most cigars from Drew Estate, this is different than the norm. If your one of those cigar smokers that equates different to "not for me", your probably right, this may not be for you. On the other hand, unlike the Acid line or the Lars Tetens line, other fragrant cigars, the Brooklyn tries to be a "Mans Man" cigar. It may pull this new exploit off quite well! One reviewer describes the Brooklyn as having an "I dare you to smoke me" look about it. That's understandable as the Brooklyn is a big robusto that makes you keenly aware you are smoking a cigar. If you have smoked from the Drew Estate Natural line in the past, you'll be familiar with the construction. A touch on the ragged side, yet able to allow a very enjoyable smoke from a construction standpoint. One may worry about these cigars ever drying out, as the wrapper could take a beating if not kept at the appropriate humidity. "The Brooklyn has a pre-light aroma that almost seduces you. The cigar wafts a light perfume fragrance at you conjuring up images of far away places. The light is almost instantaneous with a lot of smoke." Everybody loved the aroma, which frankly surprised us. You always seem to touch a nerve of the classic cigar smoker with aromatic cigars, but the Brooklyn is not nearly as aromatically overpowering as the more common lines of fragrant cigars mentioned earlier. With its pleasant but not overbearing aroma, the Brooklyn seems to be able to reach a quiet compromise with folk. Taste caused fits among our reviewers! We almost sensed a "damn I like this, but I really didn't want to " attitude among the reviewers. "This is a fine smoke! Not one to normally leave the beaten path and try these "unique" cigars, I'm glad I did. Unique probably isn't a fair descriptor, as the Brooklyn is a meaty cigar with very pleasant overtones. Count me as a supporter." "Despite the Brooklyn’s appearance and strong fragrance, the taste is surprisingly light with very little after taste. I tasted cedar mostly with a little bite during the short finish. I found the flavor to be pretty smooth, light, and refreshing." People fought the Brooklyn, and mostly lost. Many reviewers reported having serious misgivings when approaching the cigar, but left impressed. One of the most seasoned of reviewers utilized by T25C summed up his conundrum with the following analysis: "The Drew Estates Brooklyn is a cigar of contrasts. A big cigar with an “I dare you to smoke me” appearance. I expected a full-bodied smoke based on the appearance. The Brooklyn has a fragrant aroma that led me to expect the syrupy taste of a flavored cigar. Neither expectation was realized. Instead, Drew Estates throws you a curve with the big Brooklyn. I guess appearances can be deceiving. Curve #1. I found the taste to be mostly refreshing which made the experience pleasant and easy. This isn’t a cigar that dominates your taste buds and pushes you towards a particular smoking experience. The Brooklyn lets you smoke and give your pallet a break, but at the same time refreshes with its light taste. Curve #2. I’m not a big fan of either flavored or scented cigars. The Drew Estates Brooklyn gives you an intensely fragrant aroma without a syrupy taste. The Brooklyn isn’t much to look at and the construction was poor. But I like the aroma and taste, not for everyday, but for a break. The Brooklyn is different from any other cigar I have smoked due to the fragrance, and light refreshing taste." Overall we liked the Brooklyn, some of the reviewers loved it. Without a doubt worth a try as it will open your eyes to some of the other offerings available in the cigar world. If your a fan of any of the Drew Estate or Acid line of cigars, this is a must try, and can't be missed. One of the more enjoyable cigars we have reviewed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vital Statistics: Shape = Robusto Length=5 1/2" RG =52 Wrapper = Cameroon Filler = Nicaragua Binder = Mexico Estimated Cost = $6.60

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