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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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el incomparable robustoratings and scores
robustosingle malt scotch
wine and spirits
If your a cigar traditionalist, read no further. Wait scratch that, if your a cigar traditionalist, read on! No, that's not right either. If your a cigar traditionalist, read no further. Wait scratch that, if your a cigar traditionalist, read on! No, that's not right either. Anyway, if you don't like flavored cigars, or hate single malt scotch, or think the two shall never meet, or for that matter just don't like puppies, turn off your computer as you may see something you don't like. If you do read on maybe you'll give the flavored cigar mix a try, as this week we review the El Incomparable Robusto soaked in 25 year old whiskey. But dang it, if your a puppy hater, we're just going to have to ask you to leave. Rumor has it this brand is no longer being made. There won't be many crocodile tears shed over that fact, as the flavored premium cigar market was never anything to write home about. For a cigar that just screams gimmick, this isn't that bad. You wonder about the construction, as the majority of our samples were a tad tight. Tight enough to make you question if they were rolled at gunpoint by a nervous roller. We were most intrigued by what the flavor comments would come back as. Having been aged in 25 year old whiskey, one would think you're going to experience some unique tangents in this puro. Hate to disappoint, but that wasn't always the case. With comments ranging from: "Cigar no. 1 started off with some sweet, whiskey-tinted flavors. As I entered the middle stage, these flavors weakened slightly, but quickly took off and intensified towards the final third. Here the whiskey was the most pronounced, and powerful. At one point I almost thought I had chugged back half a shot of the stuff." and "Who stole my whiskey? There was something different about this cigar, but it sure wasn't a whiskey flavor of any kind. Perhaps I'm to much of a neophyte, but if this was supposed to impart whiskey overtones, it missed by a long shot!" In summary, if you can find these cigars out there on discount, you may want to try them. We can't overly recommend the smoke, as the variances from cigar to cigar were to much for us. A touch below average on the bad smokes, and a touch above average on the best. If your a gambler, give it a shot. Vital Statistics: Shape = Robusto Length=4 1/2" RG =50 Wrapper = Ecuador Filler = Mex., Nicaragua Binder = D.R. Estimated Cost = $3.00

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