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Sunday, 17 March 2013

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Cardiac Surgeon Blasts Female Cigar Ad

An Ohio cardiac surgeon who has already gone on an anti-salt campaign against the Costco chain has found a new target—a firm that dared to show an attractive model smoking a stogie in one of their ads.



Dr. Surender R. Neravetla saw an ad in two flight magazines that aroused his ire, one from Karass, which refers to itself as the “worldwide leader in negotiation training.” The offending ad showed a stunning businesswoman enjoying a celebratory cigar, presumably after closing a big deal.

The doc claims that, “Women don't need a cigar to break through the glass ceiling or to celebrate their business successes. To suggest either is the height of corporate irresponsibility, not only because of the damage that tobacco does to the heart but because of how much harder it is for women to quit smoking.”

OK, we all know that smoking several packs of cigarettes a day isn’t good for your health, but shouldn’t all of us grownups—including the ladies—be allowed to relax with a fine cigar occasionally without being preached to?

Cigar Retailers Form Sindicato

The name Sindicato sounds like something out of “The Sopranos,” but in reality, it’s a new organization formed by a group of top cigar retailers in order to create national cigar brands.



One goal of the group is to protect its brands from discounters as well as ensure that they won’t be a part of closeouts.

Abe Dababnah is one of the creators of the group, as well as the owner of the Smoke Inn chain of south Florida cigar stores. He explained the thinking behind Sindicato: . “This was my brainchild. As a retailer, there’s constantly trials and tribulations, building up brands that sometimes fall apart or get blown out … We want retailers to know we understand that. We’re going to ensure that any brand this company releases will never be put in that situation.”

Sindicato has been in business just a couple of months, but has already hired cigar industry veteran Jim Colucci as its president and is in the process of having brands manufactured under contract. Sindicato plans to have two premium cigar brands ready in time for this summer’s IPCPR trade show.

Colucci emphasized that Sindicato’s brands would be protected. “The brands will be sold on the Internet, but they will be contacted brands…where you have minimum prices.”

Diamante’s is a Jewel in Brooklyn

A newcomer walking into Diamante’s Brooklyn Cigar Lounge would assume from the well-worn look of the joint that it had been in business for decades, but actually, owner David Diamante just purchased the ground floor of a brownstone in 2009.



The building dates back to 1911, but by the time it was acquired by Diamante, it was a nightmare, with tacky florescent lights and plywood floors. Diamante set about to recreate the vintage ambiance of the place with weathered woods and antique fixtures. The result is finished with comfy leather furniture and the owner’s family photos, most of which feature relatives smoking cigars.

Diamante takes quality very seriously, and he boasts, “This place is my place. I’m not going to sell a bad cigar—my name is over the door.”

He backs up his boast with a glass humidor that’s filled with premium cigars by brands like Padrón and Tatuaje as well as the Fuente Fuente OpusX selling for $34. Diamante also stocks his own brand of hand rolled cigars from the Dominican Republic.

Diamante gives this reason for operating his own cigar bar: “Cigars should be smoked for one of three reasons: conversation, contemplation or celebration. Life is too short to smoke bad cigars.”

Brooklyn Cigar Lounge,
108 South Oxford Street,
Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY 11217,


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