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Friday, 15 March 2002

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la flor dominicanala flor dominicana el jocko no. 1
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How do you review a cigar when the only consistent comment throughout the reviews was the beauty of the band? How do you review a cigar when the only consistent comment throughout the reviews was the beauty of the band? The La Flor Dominicana El Jocko No. 1 is in danger of becoming the Brittany Spears of the cigar industry…fantastic to look at, but not much talent beyond. The excitement in smoking the El Jocko No. 1 was palpable, with everyone wanting to hold, admire, and then dig in to their cigar. We soon starting recording comments like the following "This cigar is more fun to look at than to smoke, the draw was so tight it might be a few days before my cheeks recover." The beginning of the cigar was universally hailed, from its feel, looks, and even the first few draws. Now the fun begins, or as it was uniquely put "the Battle of the Bulge". It seems the La Flor Dominicana El Jocko surprised folks after their initial love affair. Soon after someone reached the "bulging" part of this cigar, their emotions changed. In fact, we can't put it better than the following paragraph taken from a very experienced smokers review. "As soon as I began to smoke past the start of the bulge of the cigar, I noticed that crispy cigar taste began to be transformed into bland. I puffed more. Nothing…just smoke, and an aftertaste similar to a bad Mexican cigar. I fought valiantly, drawing puff after puff…but by the time I was through the bulge, I realized I was fighting a battle against already demoralized tobacco. The back end of the cigar began to smoke hot-but I'm sure it was because of my racing to get through with it. " Now there were other comments about the El Jocko No. 1, but nothing that stood out like the Jeckyl and Hyde described above. A couple mentions of uneven burn, and vein filled tobacco. We ultimately had 4 poor reviews coupled with one apathetic. It's tough to write a review like this as we really wanted to speak highly about La Flor Dominicana. They seem to be great people with a dedication to cigars. Hopefully other cigars in this family bring more enjoyment. Since we received one of the best written reviews of all time from on of our guests, we thought we would share with you his parting comment! "I'm not sure what the cost of this cigar is, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't buy another regardless. As a matter of fact, I'll probably save the other one you sent to give to my annoying neighbor that sometimes joins my buddies and I for our backyard smokes." We're not sure we want to try another El Jocko No. 1, but we're darn sure we don't want to be his neighbor! Vital Statistics: Shape = Perfecto Length=4 1/2" RG =54 Wrapper = Connecticut Filler = D.R., Nicaragua Binder = D.R. Estimated Cost = $5.00

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