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Saturday, 28 July 2012

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Cigar Store Owners Start Puro PAC

After seeing what has happened to the owners of roll-your-own tobacco shops, the proprietors of cigar stores are understandably concerned, and are fighting fire with fire. A group seeking to prevent federal legislation of premium cigars has started a hybrid PAC to raise awareness—and money.


Retailers of premium cigars are working to pass H.R. 1639, which seeks to prevent the FDA from using its power to regulate the high-end cigars that are wrapped in leaf tobacco, weigh over a specified amount and have no filter.

The brains behind Puro PAC belong to Jeff Borysiewicz, the owner of Florida’s Corona Cigar chain, who commented, “We feel like we’re a liquor store that's open for business just before prohibition came around. We feel like we're on the cusp of that, unless Congress takes action. It’s a very small industry and unfortunately we’re having to deal with the federal government and get involved with politics.”

Since being founded in December 2011, Puro PAC has raised $247,159 and contributed $51,500 to three senators and 42 members of the House. According to Borysiewicz, “Everybody that contributes to the PAC, these are individual business people that would much rather be putting their money into their families and businesses than into Washington, D.C.”

While that’s undoubtedly true, the retailers of fine cigars are being forced to deal with Washington in order to protect their livelihoods.

Scott Disick Hosts Camacho Cigar Party in Malibu

When your girlfriend is a Kardashian, it’s easy to live the high life without having to bother with mundane things like getting a job. That’s why Kourtney K.’s baby daddy Scott Disick could be found at Malibu Beach House last weekend, playing host at a daytime bash for Camacho Cigars.


Cigar lover Disick revealed at the party that he has a yen for a classic smoking jacket like the ones worn by actor George Hamilton. Maybe Kourtney can get him one for Christmas.

Grove Liquor Mart Installs Walk-In Humidor

What’s a good way to lure cigar smokers to your liquor store? For Pradip “Paul” Patel of Racine, Wisconsin, replacing his old counter-top humidor with a 6-by-8-foot walk-in model has caused his cigar sales to double in just two months.


The humidor, which cost about $6,500, is lined with Spanish cedar and keeps humidity at close to 70 percent, insuring that the store’s cigars don’t dry out.

Adding the humidor has allowed Patel to expand his inventory of cigars from 20 kinds to over 120, most of them from the Dominican Republic or the U.S. His business has grown so much that Patel expects the humidor to pay for itself in just two years.

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