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Saturday, 05 April 2008

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arango cigar co.erik nording

Arango Cigar Co. is now the sole U.S. distributor for Erik Nording Danish Pipes. Under the agreement, Arango imports and distributes all current Nording, Eriksen, Hunter, and Kriswell pipes. Nording pipe tobaccos, and accessories are also available.

“Erik Nording is not only Denmark’s #1 pipe master,” states Arango President Mike Gold, “he is indisputably one of the world’s premier pipe carvers. Nording was one of the Danish pioneers to introduce what has come to be called the Danish Freehand style. The sweeping, natural lines and finishes of Nording’s pipes depart from the rigidly uniform, “man-made” look of conventional pipes. Even his “conventional” briar pipes are uniquely Nording, with little touches that set them apart from all others. It’s no wonder that, over his 50 years as a master craftsman, several of Denmark’s other pipe masters served as his apprentices.”

Nording pipes are coveted by smokers and collectors, with his Handmade style reaching prices of $700. His 9,000 square-foot factory produces 15,000 pipes annually, with 90% being sold into the U.S. Nording offers a wide spectrum of smokeable museum pieces at suggested retail prices as low as $25 for his Snake, a small pipe with one-piece briar body/mouthpiece. He uses ultra-light Corsican and Moroccan briar with Vulcanite or Lucite stems. Some of Nording’s lines are trimmed in silver, notably the Hunter series, with polished sterling bowl caps.

Nording Pipe Tobacco Hunter Blends honor great hunting dogs with three high-quality tobaccos, made by McClelland Tobacco Co. They include one lightly aromatic and two natural blends. Fox Hound is a Cyprian Latakia and Oriental blend (Macedonian and Turkish) tobaccos. The Retriever blend uses premium Virginia and Cavendish, for a lightly sweet and mellow, naturally aromatic smoke. Pointer is a Virginia/Burley mixture, subtly flavored and aged under pressure in the Danish tradition, for a smooth and seductive aroma. The tobaccos are packaged in 50-gram tins.

Nording calls his popular Keystones “ice cubes for hot-burning pipes.” They are small pellets, made from all-natural mineral clays found only on a Danish island. Nording claims two or three under the tobacco in the bowl reduces tongue bite, cools and dries the smoke, and extends the life of a pipe.

Nording pipe tampers are available in black acrylic and briar. Each is personalized with a gold ring at the tamper end.

Nording gained pipe-world attention in 1988, by winning a place in the Guinness Book of Records by creating the world’s largest briar pipe. It is 7' long, weighs 125 pounds, and is fashioned from 189 individual pipe bowl blocks he collected over the years. The pipe is functional ... one bowl feeds the mouthpiece, made from 1,005 individual mouthpieces.

Quoting Gold, “Erik Nording is a giant in the pipe-making world, and we are honored to import and distribute his exclusive designs. We have virtually all of his products in stock, and have a color brochure available to all interested retailers.”

Half-century master pipe carver Erik Nording in his workshop, with his Guinness-recognized "World's Largest Pipe"

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