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Friday, 27 August 2010

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Proponents of the ban claimed that it was necessary to help “clean up” San Antonio for its residents and future generations. When critics complained that the ban would hurt local businesses as well as the economy, the ban's supporters countered with statistics that such laws actually cause neutral or even positive impact on the economy. The city's mayor, Julian Castro, used that claim as part of his argument in support of the ban. In addition, when some criticized the ban as a form of intrusion by the government, Castro stated that in this particular case it was necessary for the government to intervene, as the public's safety was at risk.

Businesses affected by the ban fear that they will take financial hits and see drops in revenue. They claim that many of their patrons come to their establishments to enjoy themselves, smokers included. By banning smoking, they could potentially lose customers who will go elsewhere to light up. It remains to be seen just how those businesses will fare once the ban kicks in, but one could estimate that the effect will be a negative one and not positive or neutral, as Mayor Castro and others believe.

New Taxes in New York Having Negative Effects

Whether you are on the buying or selling end of tobacco products in New York, you have likely felt quite a financial shock in the past few weeks. Thanks to the state's newly enforced excise tax on all tobacco products, many consumers and retailers are struggling.

On August 1 of this year, a new excise tax on other tobacco products kicked in that raised the tax rate on the wholesale price of such items from a high 46 percent to a whopping 75 percent. As a result, many of the state's retailers have had to deal with higher prices, which in turn has hurt their revenue. According to the Daily Mail, a publication centered out of Catskill, you can look at two specific examples that detail just how hard the new tax has been on both retailers and customers alike.


0 # New York taxesJJ in Buffalo 2010-09-04 14:06
The high tax was inevitable since Albany cannot seem to get its act together on a budget. They've cut social services, police and fire in an unsuccessful attempt to deliver a budget.

As a result, cigarettes are nearly $10 a pack. Having quit smoking cigarettes two years ago, I initially didn't think more than "Holy Sh*t" at the price. I have since started smoking cigars and have found buying them online is significantly cheaper with the tax gluttons none the wiser. The same cigar online is almost half the price per stick.

The health argument is strong here and everywhere. There are extremely graphic TV spots to encourage people to stop smoking. I initially quit due to my health. I'm a Type 1 diabetic with kidney problems.

Why did I start smoking again? Cigars are my one vice. I don't have space to list my medical problems but, trust me, I don't do anything else. I barely even drink any more. If a cigar a day puts me in my grave, it's far more acceptable to me!

I've always said, "Ex-smokers are far worse than non-smokers." For some reason they are far more bitter about their addiction. Anyway, I've rambled off the subject here. New Yorkers have a bumper sticker, "Born Free, Taxed to Death." The government in NY is desperate to tax us to death, be it tobacco or gasoline. I don't know where it's going to stop. But I still see a large number of people lighting up wherever they can.

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