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Friday, 01 November 2013

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Mr. Big Smokes the Big Apple

Actor Chris Noth is best known for his role as Mr. Big in the long-running series “Sex and the City.” Like his larger-than-life character, Noth enjoys the good life, and that includes fine cigars.


Noth took a break from rehearsing the show “Angel Heart” at Carnegie Hall to visit the cigar lounge located inside the Carnegie Club. There, the actor purchased a La Flor Chisel cigar and proceeded to smoke it while watching the MLB playoffs and sipping a ginger ale.

Do Red Sox Owe Their Luck to a Cigar Store Indian?

At press time, the Boston Red Sox are battling it out with the St. Louis Cardinals for the 2013 World Series title. Things haven’t always gone so well for the Red Sox, but one player managed to turn the team’s fortunes around with the help of a cigar store Indian.


The Sox were in a slump when Jake Peavy bought the cigar store Indian in San Francisco and gave the statue a place of honor in the team’s clubhouse. Here’s Peavy’s story of acquiring the club mascot: “We went through a rough stretch there where we lost two of three in Toronto. We had to go home for just a weekend series. Things got ugly there Sunday night and we ended up losing the series to the Yankees.

“We went out to San Francisco, and things were just kind of, it wasn't that same attitude and the travel had kind of worn us down. I was walking to the field on the day of my start and walked past a smoke shop, a tobacco/liquor store. And I’m Indian, my heritage is American Indian. And I walked by and saw just in the glass window this fellow looking at me. And I looked at him and he looked at me. And I just kept walking.”

But something caused Peavy to turn around and go back to the store. After a bit of haggling, he walked out with the statue. “We did some negotiating, and I carried him on to the ballpark and brought him in. We had some guys banged up at the time.”

Peavy concocted a story about the statue having healing powers, but on its first night in the training room, the Red Sox lost in San Francisco.

“We had a serious team talk with him and told him if he didn't show up tomorrow with a little bit better attitude and show us his powers, then we were going to have to lose him on the plane ride to L.A.”

There, the healing spirit of the cigar store Indian kicked in, and the team won a big series in Los Angeles, then went on to the World Series. Peavy revealed his plans for his pal if the team takes the title.

“Now he’s got a couple of jerseys on. He helped Jacoby get back from his injury, because Jacoby has got some Indian in him. They had a good talk. He got Jacoby back for us. He’s got a beard now, he grew out a beard to get on the same page as the rest of the guys. There he is, Chief. He’s going to ride on my Duck Boat if we win the World Series.”

Hopefully, the team will also celebrate with cigars.

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