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Sunday, 18 November 2007

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top 25 overlooked cigars
A list of underappreciated cigars as the editor of Top25Cigar sees them.

Most familiar to the cigar industry understand the role marketing plays in getting a cigar lover to buy that cigar on the tobacconist’s shelf. I fall for it as well…add a second band, slap the word “Anniversary” on it, and my eyes seem to gravitate like Pam Anderson to bad husbands. But where are those good cigars that aren’t getting the “hype” or “buzz”?

Personally enjoying cigars, editing Top25Cigar and its database of almost 40,000 public cigar reviews, along with moderating and participating in Club Stogie have given me a unique perspective of the publics’ view of cigars. So while Top25Cigar is primarily about the public’s view of cigars, we’ll stray from that for this article and sprinkle in my completely irrelevant opinions. Since this is the 10 year anniversary of Top25Cigar and Club Stogie, below is a list of 25 cigars I find consistent, enjoyable, reasonably priced and most importantly…flying under the radar.

Cigars I ruled out: Remember this list is not just about great cigars; it’s about great cigars that are not getting the buzz of some of the more common or heavily marketed brands. Obviously the previous sentence precludes many popular cigars, and from a “hype” perspective…most Cubans.

If for some reason you find yourself violently disagreeing with this list to the point that you feel you must take some action, please click here first!

Paul Shoberg – Editor Top25Cigar

Cigars 25 through 16

25. Grass Medium

Yeah this cigar is from Lars Tetens, sure it is a bit expensive, and I know it is infused with things I cannot even pronounce. Still, if you ever want to try a good and funky flavored cigar, this is the best of the bunch. One of the early creations in the “infused” cigar craze, this is just straight forward funky…and I think that is good…isn’t it?

24. Maria Guerrero Toro

An often overlooked Altadis brand, Mario Guerrero is a solid medium bodied Cameroon wrapped cigar.  This Toro releases clouds of smoke, and proves to be darn well constructed.  You can get them at a decent price most everywhere.

23. Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra Ebano

This is a full bodied Hoyo with a nice dark Ecuadorian grown Sumatra seed wrapper.  The Ebano is the smallest ring gauge in the family, and seems to get the most out of the wrapper.

22. Trilogy Corojo Churchill

Introduced in 2002 by Alec Bradley, the triangular shaped Trilogy was written of as a shape gimmick early on.  The Corojo Churchill is a good cigar, and the triangular shape went round in 2005.  Even thought the shaped changed, the cigar didn't, and it's still good.  I have to admit though, a triangular shaped cigar was pretty cool.

21. Reo Torpedo

Costa Rican wrapped and made perfectly like just about anything from United Tobacco, The Reo Torpedo flies under the radar better than most. Full bodied, and a great example of Costa Rican wrapped cigars. 

20. Sancti Spiritus Robusto

One of the earlier cigars from Jose “Pepin” Garcia, and made for the retailer Cigar King. This Nicaraguan puro gives the smoker a medium bodied example of Pepin’s work. I wish there was a petite corona in this line.  BTW...anything from Pepin comes close to violating the "hype" requirement above...but it is so dang good.

19. Sabor Cubano Great Pyramid

A stronger line from Luis Sanchez at La Tradicion, these may be the best Mexican wrapped cigars ever. You can pick any from the line to enjoy, but if you’re a real man you’ll at least give the 8 ½ x 52 Great Pyramid a few rounds of battle.  You have to wonder what Luis was thinking when he created a cigar that practically needs a bale of tobacco to create.  Long live the "Mad Scientist".

18. Butera Royal Vintage Dorado 652

Okay, you do need to find them first.  I don't see these around much, but if you find them, you'll enjoy one of the creamiest mild cigars around.  The Dorado 652 is a nice thick Toro that will provide loads of smoke and a nice relaxing flavor.

17. Oliva Serie "O" Torpedo

Originally called the Oliva "O" Classic until it was renamed in 2006, you also might remember the nice red fabric bands and impeccable box.  Inside all that dressing was a great Nicaraguan Puro.  That same cigar exists today, although in much more non-descript packaging.  Oliva does almost everything right in the cigar business, and this is no exception.

16. Havana Sunrise Havanas

Introduced in 2004, and for all I know gone in 2007.  The Havana Sunrise Havanas is a 7 x 48 Ecuadorian grown Connecticut shade wrapped Churchill.  Likely the definition of "flying under the radar", this cigar produced consistent good construction and great flavor for an extremely value priced cigar.

Next Sunday - I'll post cigars 15 through 6.  Thanks for reading. - T25C

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