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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

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The ARISTO E-Cigar is paving the way in a new era as far as “cigars” are concerned.  The ARISTO already has plenty to write home to mom about; being written up in Digital Trends out of New York & bringing home the #1 Ranking in the Electronic Cigar Category, Ranked by Vapor Digest Feb 2014 Influence Index.




So what makes the ARISTO E CIGAR so special? For that you could ask the thousands of cigar enthusiasts that are already enjoying their ARISTO Electronic Cigars, but, for the purpose of this review David Moor, CEO of ZEROCIG (parent company of put in his 2 cents!

“ The ARISTO E Cigar was my baby and I wanted to ensure only the best product when developing & launching the ARISTO E Cigar. We spent approximately one year in R&D developing the ARISTO and it came out flawless!

First off, I am an avid golfer and as such, naturally a cigar enthusiast. Enjoying a “stick” on the course or after with the boys was and is a common occurrence. My goal with the ARISTO was not to replace traditional cigars. I still very much enjoy a traditional cigar from time to time. But the ARISTO allowed for so much more versatility. The ability to put the cigar in my pocket or back in my golf bag till the next round without lighting anything on fire was a plus! But more, I found the lack of “cigar smoke” odor on my clothes, hair, etc was quite nice as well.

Lastly, I know all cigar enthusiasts know where I’m coming from when I say I wasn’t missing the sore throat the morning after!

The ARISTO provides a high quality taste & aroma that is unlike anything a traditional cigar can provide. Do not get me wrong, I still enjoy a cigar from time to time, but having the ability to fill my ARISTO cartridge with the flavor of my choice is amazing! I currently cannot get enough of our “Carmilla Clouds” e cigar juice, which taste how it sounds with an amazing blend of  Carmel & Vanilla. The taste is out of this world and the aroma is out of  this universe!  I remember the first time I broke out my ARISTO on the golf course & in the club house. People were coming from across the room commenting on how good it smelled and could not believe it wasn’t a real cigar. For me, this said volumes.

Again, I want to reiterate, that the purpose of the ARISTO E-Cigar was and is not to replace traditional cigars, but to give cigar enthusiasts a product that would add to and enhance their love for cigars. I know many friends, colleagues and customers that purely use it only inside their homes during the evenings, something that most would not think of trying with a traditional cigar! That is one of the beautiful things about the ARISTO, you can use it almost anywhere (inside or out).  If you are a cigar enthusiast, the ARISTO E-Cigar is tried , tested and something you should have!”



Key Points Of The ARISTO E Cigar:

  1. It’s rechargeable
  2. Refillable (with choice of e cigar juice)
  3. Realistic
  4. High Quality

Using an ARISTO Cigar is very simple!

  1. Ensure battery is charged
  2. Fill Cartomizer with your choice of juice (holds 3ml of liquid and is equivalent to approximately 10 traditional cigars.
  3. Insert Cartomizer into battery and put mouth cap on
  4. Enjoy just as you would a traditional cigar

So what does a starter kit come with?

ARISTO Cigar Kit Includes:

1 - Aristo Rechargeable Battery

2 – 3ML Blank Cartomizers

1 – E Liquid Syringe

1 – Wall charger & charging cord

Price: $79.99

Our ARISTO E Cigar Juice:

  • Carmilla Clouds
  • Romeo Smooth
  • Juliet’s’ Secret
  • Cuban Robusto

Note: This product may contain nicotine


Use Code: “PUFF” at checkout and receive 20% off your entire order!


The ARISTO Electronic Cigar earns the #1 ranking for E-Cigars!

In Vapor Digest recently released "e cigarette influence Index" the Aristo E Cigar took home top place across the board, validating what we here and those of you who own an Aristo E Cigar already knew!

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