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Sunday, 07 July 2013

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While you probably know someone who managed to sneak on a plane with a guillotine cutter, a torch lighter and a handful of Cuban cigars, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get away with it. Ask yourself if it’s really worth the risk of losing your favorite cutter or lighter when you can buy a cheap substitute when you reach your destination.

For the latest info on what’s permitted and what’s prohibited by the TSA, go here.

Packing your cigars

Travel can be rough on your cigars. You need to protect them from both drying and physical damage. The best solution is a travel humidor that will fit inside your carryon so you never have to be separated from your favorite smokes.


Frequent fliers who love cigars swear by a handy gadget called the Herf-a-Dor. This travel humidor comes in four sizes that can hold five, 10, 15 or 40 cigars up to 8” in length. The Herf-a-Dor made by HumiCare is an airtight, watertight cigar case made of a crushproof, reinforced ABS frame lined with foam cushioning. Humidification devices are added to keep your cigars fresh. The Herf-a-Dor is available from numerous online cigar sellers for $25-$70.

If you don’t fly enough to justify buying a Herf-a-Dor, or just found out you have to leave tomorrow, a quick solution for packing your smokes is to tuck them into a ziplock bag and pack it inside your carryon. Experienced flyers also save the metal tubes that some cigars come in and use them to protect the stogies while traveling.

When choosing the cigars to take on a trip, it’s a good idea to pick the ones that have already been stored in a humidor, since they will have stabilized at optimum humidity. You should try to bring only enough cigars to get you through the trip without having to bring them back home, because they’re likely to go bad. Keep your case or humidor closed when you’re not picking out a cigar to preserve the correct humidity.


As you’ve noticed, if you’ve read the last few columns here at, the Cuban trade embargo is still in place after 50+ years, meaning you aren’t allowed to bring Cuban cigars into the U.S. You may find yourself traveling to a country where Cuban cigars are legal. If so, enjoy! Just don’t think because you can buy them without question in say, Central or South America, doesn’t mean you can toss a few in your bag and bring them home. You’re likely to be in for a really nasty surprise when you go though U.S. customs.


This also applies to travelers who visit Cuba on a State Department-licensed trip. You still can’t bring any goods back from Cuba, including cigars.


Once the hassle of your plane trip is over, check into your hotel and relax by the pool with a cigar—and a drink, of course.


0 # RE: You Need To Read This Before Traveling with Your Cigarsorca99usa 2013-07-20 14:13
This passage seems contradictory: "Other items of smoking paraphernalia that must be checked include torch lighters and butane. Torch lighters may not be packed in checked luggage, even in an approved container."

You say that torch lighters must be checked, then say that they can't be packed in checked baggage. Which is it?

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+1 # RE: RE: You Need To Read This Before Traveling with Your Cigarsvincecontinenza 2013-07-28 18:30
I dont think you are permitted to bring torch lighters on the plane, even in your checked baggage...

Right from the TSA Site

Torch Lighters - Torch lighters create a thin, needle-like flame that is hotter (reaching 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit) and more intense than those from common lighters. Torch lighters are often used for pipes and cigars, and maintain a consistent stream of air-propelled fire regardless of the angle at which it is held. Torch lighters continue to be banned.

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0 # RE: You Need To Read This Before Traveling with Your CigarsTSA Supervisor 2013-08-04 23:07
You're 100% wrong. Cigar cutters ARE PERMITTED in carry-on. Regular bic lighters are OK too. Butane torch lighters are not, but that is a FAA regulation, NOT TSA. Read any web site that sells them, "Due to FAA regulations, all butane lighters must be shipped via ground transport." FAA, NOT TSA.
Scroll down to "Flamable Items" it says COMMON LIGHTERS OK IN CARRY-ON.
Scroll down to Prohibited Items Interpretation. II. PERMITTED ITEMS. "For purposes of 49
U.S.C. 40101
et seq.
and 49 CFR 1540.111,
TSA does not consider the items on the
following lists as weapons, explosives, and
incendiaries because of medical necessity or
because they appear to pose little risk if, as
is required, they have passed through
screening. Therefore, passengers may carry
these items as accessible property"
A. Medical and Personal Items. (2) CIGAR CUTTERS.
Black and white, straight from their own list.

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