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We get up close and personal with the most interesting people from all different walks of life. Casino managers, poker pros, racecar drivers, boxers, NFL players, MMA fighters, politicians, oh yeah and cigar professionals! We don’t discriminate when we choose who to cover. If we think they have something to say that will tantalize then we offer them a venue to speak their mind. Our interviewers have no problem taking to the streets to look under every tobacco leaf to speak to everyone from local shopkeepers to the master Ligador. Here’s your chance to take a peek inside the minds of the men and women that keep the cigar industry rolling with our in-depth, penetrating interviews, where we ask the questions that matter to you: the cigar connoisseur. So come along and join us as we cut the cap and a take an intimate look inside the mind and heart of cigars.

Camacho Cigars Interview
Monday, 24 September 2007

{mosimage} Camacho Cigars, makers of premium handmade cigars, such as the highly rated Baccarat The Game & Baccarat Casino Vintage Selection, Camacho and La Fontana started out as a humble operation over 25 years ago. Today they have grown to become a successful, vertically integrated company based in Miami, Florida. They grow their own tobacco, manufacture their own cigars and boxes, and handle their own distribution. Camacho Cigars manufactures 16 cigar names, seven of which are their own labels. more ...


EO Brands Interview
Monday, 21 January 2008

{mosimage} Eddie Ortega, co-owner of EO Brands, (makers of 601, Vibe and REO cigars), just days away from an important trip to Nicaragua for a top-secret new endeavor, took time out for a nice Cuban lunch, cigars and a chat with owner, Kevin Godbee. We talked about his current success with the line of 601 Cigars, his start in the industry at Puros Indios, politics in Latin America and the US (he's a stout Republican), and a new line of accessories and hints of more new cigars to come. Also, unbeknownst to many, Eddie was one of the creators of the well-known 5 Vegas Cigar. After having a nice lunch at the Cuban restaurant near his office, we sat down and smoked my favorite cigar in the 601 line, the green label Oscuro Corona. Here's what we talked about.


Gurkha Cigars Interview
Monday, 10 March 2008

{mosimage} Gurkha Cigars are well-known for being of the highest quality and having unique packaging including leather-bound and hand-engraved boxes as well as frosted glass tubes. They are not an every-day cigar. Many Gurkha cigars represent the high-end of the pricing scale, but that has not affected their popularity. I sat down with Kaizad Hansotia on February 19th, the same day that news broke about Fidel Castro stepping down as the leader of Cuba. As you all know by now, that seemed to be a non-event. It was definitely not needed to make for an interesting discussion with the owner of Gurkha Cigars. Mr. Hansotia is a dynamic, intelligent, successful and quite friendly individual. You will have to take my word for it that his office looks nicer than the living rooms you will see in Architectural Digest magazine. There are beautiful carved wood furniture pieces, leather couches, big-screen TV and many unique items. It was the original museum-quality paintings that prevented pictures from being taken in his office. So take my word for it. He has a really nice office. Upon meeting Kaizad, you might think it was by design that the name Gurkha was chosen. Like the name Gurkha, Kaizad is


Perdomo Cigars Interview
Thursday, 17 April 2008

{mosimage} Tabacalera Perdomo, or Nick’s Cigars, as it was styled when it began, is one of the few companies that started during the boom, and prospered, obviously, delivering what cigar smokers wanted. Nick Perdomo is a very personable guy, who is an accomplished drummer, a collector of fine wrist watches and a devotee of fine clothing and men’s accessories. It goes without saying he is an avid cigar smoker! Currently, his ‘extracurricular’ activities include running for commissioner in his home town of Miami Lakes, FL. The Perdomo facilities in Esteli, Nicaragua are totally integrated. From the agronomy to the growing, curing and fermenting, blending, rolling and package manufacturing, it’s all done at the companies elaborate facility on “Perdomo Avenue.” I had the opportunity to sit down with Nick and talk about Perdomo cigars; where they’ve been, where they are and where they are going.


Graycliff Cigars Interview
Monday, 26 May 2008

{mosimage} Cigar Review writer and traveler at large, Gary J. Arzt, sat down for an interview with Enrico Garzaroli: Hotelier, Wine Connoisseur, Raconteur, Bon vivante and Cigar Maker. Enrico Garzaroli founded the Graycliff Hotel in Nassau, Bahamas. For the sophisticated traveler, not seeking sand and sun on the lush beaches of the island, Graycliff has always been a secluded, elegant haven in Nassau proper. With individually decorated rooms and suites, and lush gardens, the hotel offers some of the finest food available in Nassau and the Caribbean in general. Garzaroli, a considerable physical presence, is, to put it simply, a man who appreciates and enjoys the finest things in life. So, it was natural that he would create his own cigar, one that would consistently satisfy his discriminating palate. I sat in the gardens, at Graycliff, enjoying a ‘refresher course' on Grayliff cigars, Garzaroli and good living!


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