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Saturday, 24 January 2009

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V Cut Smoke Shop Los Angeles, CA

Puff:   Is there anybody that you normally hang out with when you smoke a cigar, and do you have a normal hangout for smoking cigars?

Nick:    Well, I like to hang here at the V Cut ... and then there is, I mean, there's a friend I call Uncle Buck, and he knows me as well, and Christopher, who, is almost like an encyclopedia of cigars. 

So, just sitting with him, I get educated on cigars, and he tells me so much that I keep forgetting, like, wow, what did he say? (Laughing)

But it is so fascinating that he knows that much.  And I think this is another nice thing about cigars is that once you get into the cigar world, you really want to know.  Because you really want to know what is making you feel that way.  How did that come about. 

Again, I relate that to acting.

When you see somebody performing, you want to know, how did they get to this point.  You know what I'm saying?  So, you see Axel doing his thing, but what was the research that happened to get there?  Or, some of the brilliant work from, for example, like I saw not so long ago, My Left Foot with Daniel Day Lewis.  And then when I see somebody brilliant like this working.  The first thing is, I wonder what was his research process?  How did he discover this character? 

I sat down this one time and smoked this cigar and what a great feeling. People hold these feelings for a lifetime.  It was a great moment, or when somebody talks about ...  a husband and wife, they would talk about a moment they had together and how nice it was and you remember the element that made it nicer, whether it was the glass of wine, whether it was that cigar.  At first I always find that the cigar gives me that feeling, because again, I am taking time for myself, so, it's like a tool to get you where you want to go.


Puff:    When you were working on Crash and on Sopranos, were there other people on the set that would hang with you to smoke a cigar and take time or was that just your personal alone time.

Nick:    None of those people who smoked cigars... two on Sopranos that I remember, but on Crash, yeah. Dennis Hoper was always smoking a cigar.  He's always smoking a cigar.  When I was in New Mexico, there was a bar called Imbibe.

Nick:    I would go there in the afternoons sometimes and sit there and the place wouldn't be busy, so there would be like two people at the bar, and you sit down with the bartender and you have a glass of wine, or bourbon. Or whatever, and you sit and you smoke a cigar and just talk. And it's nice because it becomes very simple. 

Puff:    Right.  There's a... I guess there's a lot of camaraderie involved and you can even walk into a place like this, like V Cut in LA and meet somebody for the first time and just hang out for an hour and smoke a cigar.

Nick:    Absolutely.  It's such a connection.  You walk into a place and everybody is smoking a cigar.  You smoke a cigar, and there's a connection between you and that person.  And all of a sudden people talk.  And what's nice about it too is everybody's guard is down when they are smoking a cigar. People, when they get tense they smoke a cigarette, and that doesn't happen with cigar.  When they smoke a cigar they are in a good mood.  So, people tend to be open when they're enjoying a cigar.

Puff:    You seem to be in a great mood. 

Nick:    Oh no, I'm in a very bad mood right now. (Smiling, sarcastic).

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