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Thursday, 22 January 2009

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Puff: Speaking of the cast, your character in Crash, Axel, has an affair with Arlene Tur's character, Bebe.Arlene Tur & Nick Tarabay

Nick: That's right.

Puff: What was it like to kiss her? How would you rate her as a kisser?

Nick: The best probably! (With a devilish smirk on his face)

Puff: That's great!

Nick: Yeah. Arlene is a sweetheart. We, me and her, became good friends. We were friends. I knew her, I knew her boyfriend very well, and they are just a great couple. And Arlene herself, when I went to the set, the first thing is I need to meet this girl that I'm going to be having an affair with and doing all this stuff so we can break the ice. And, when I met her, and she was so fun, and she has big personality, and great heart, and she made it so much easier to work with, and besides the fact that she is very, very attractive it made it easier for me to play my character, so, it worked out really well.

Puff: Well, if you ever need a stand in for any of that stuff, I mean ...

Nick: I'm sure, I'm sure. I think I got this covered though. (Laughing)

Puff: You mentioned that she has a boyfriend, so I guess we don't have to ask...

Nick: Oh, no, no.

Puff: ... Did any of the acting spill over into the personal life?

Nick: No. No. I have to say, everybody on the set is very professional. We are very close, so we always kept that professionalism going and we're like, friends and all, and we rehearse, and stuff like that, but there is always this mutual respect between the cast, which is essential. And any success for any show, whether it's film, or it's TV, it's very, very important there's respect and professionalism going on.

Puff: When I told people I was going to be interviewing Nick Tarabay, my sister, my girlfriend, all the women I know are like, "Oooh, he's so hot."

Is there a lucky lady in your life? Do you have a girlfriend? A significant other?

Nick: There was until recently, but we don't need to talk about that.

Puff: Ok ladies! He's available!

Puff: What was one of the most challenging times, or one of the most difficult times you've had shooting a scene?


Nick: To be honest with you, I don't know if the word difficult is the right word, there were challenges in a sense, in a particular scene more than others. I mean, sometimes, especially when you do an emotional scene, or a scene that the character is revealing something that is very sacred, or something that he doesn't necessarily reveal. And you do takes over and over and so you need to capture this and make sure it's as fresh and alive every time you do it.

So, that's always a challenge, especially in a particular scene. And, that's because us, as actors, we have responsibilities ... we need to deliver the story. We're storytellers, so we need to tell the story the right way. One of the challenges is to make sure it is always fresh and it's always true.

You need to be as genuine as you can. It helps when you have great scene partners, and great writers, and great group working around you. Fortunately on Crash, we have amazing writing, so it made it easier for us to do it. And another fortunate thing is that we have a great cast, and great crew. I mean, everybody on the set is amazing and very supportive, so it made it easier for us. There were some challenges, but they were fun challenges.

dennis-hopperPuff: What was it like to work with Dennis Hopper? What is he like, and what is he like in real life?

Nick: Dennis Hopper. I mean, he is such a legend, and never mind his career which, speaks for itself. But the fact that this man is such a good man, he has such a big heart, and you know when he goes off and he's so... he loves actors and he's very humble. This is something that you'd love to see in somebody with his credibility and his resume and all that because a lot of people look up to him, ... certainly one of the actors I look up to. He saw a couple of episodes and would come over and give us complements. Coming from someone like that, it's just great. Just to watch him work was like a free lesson. So, thanks Dennis.

Puff: That's great. And I understand Dennis Hopper smokes cigars; did you take the opportunity to smoke cigars with him?

Nick: Oh, I wish I did. I didn't unfortunately, because most of the time our schedules were completely different, so I would be at a different set. He loves cigars. He is always smoking between scenes, he's always smoking a cigar, and a lot of time in the scenes he's smoking a cigar. I mean, this billboard that he had, he had a cigar in his hand.


+1 # Wow - AWESOME interviewJon Caputo 2009-01-22 05:09
I mean this guy sounds like a cool guy to have a smoke with. But he was pretty forthcoming with the answers to your hard hitting questions. Seriously - GREAT interview.

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0 # Platypus 2009-01-30 04:36
I'm not a cigar smoker but I do like a good interview....nicely done!!!

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