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Thursday, 22 January 2009

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Puff: So, Nick, the character you play, Axel Finet, is kind of an edgy character, and I understand that another "edgy character", Tom Sizemore has recently joined the cast.

Nick: That's right.


Puff: Tom normally plays pretty tough guys. Do your characters interact? And how?

Nick: Yes. Tom Sizemore's character pretty much comes down to take down Axel ... mainly it's me and Tom. We're always going to be bumping heads. Tom Sizemore is a great actor and, again another person that you just watch and learn, and one of those actors that you enjoy working with because he brings the game to a higher level. So yeah he comes down and wants to take down Axel, and Axel comes right back at him, and then we have this... we have this great chemistry, me and him. He came down to the set and we started talking about how we appreciate our characters and where we're going with this character, and you know we do our private rehearsals as well, and he's had great ideas and we collaborated a lot, which is going to all be transformed... translated to the character... to the show. You'll see it, how this energy is going to be great from [episodes] 9 to 13 is going to be me and Tom Sizemore going at it.

Puff: Did you ever have any accidents or mistakes while acting a scene, perhaps you're in a fight and you actually hit somebody for real, or did you get hit for real?

Nick: I got hit for real one time. It was a funny story. Me and Brian Tee, in episode one. We had the shooting that we had a fight, me and him, and he was supposed to hit me supposedly down there (points to crotch).

So, the stunt guys came over and they put this cup on you, right. And it's so uncomfortable. So, they had it on, and we're doing this scene, and I mean, we're doing it over and over and over, but this was just so uncomfortable, and then Brian was very, Brian was very, very good, but he was always hitting me like, in my leg, not obviously in there. So, obviously he's not doing it right, so I just take off the cup, I don't really need it. So, I took it off. And it was so funny because right when I took it off on the second take he made a mistake and hit me right there.


Puff: Ouch.

Nick: So, and it came great on the film. But...

Puff: That was great acting. (Jokingly, sarcastically).

Nick: Yeah. It was so real; I'm like yeah, yeah. And we had to stop for like five minutes for me, and I'm like, oh, my God. So, yeah that was one of those accidents, but it was just one of those accidents obviously, it wasn't meant to be. It was a lot of fun. Oh yeah, five minutes trying to catch your breath.

Puff: Maybe you will win an award for most realistic shot to the crotch! (Laughing.)

Nick: Yeah, yeah, there could be an award for that, you never know. You never know. I should definitely win this one because it was so real.


+1 # Wow - AWESOME interviewJon Caputo 2009-01-22 05:09
I mean this guy sounds like a cool guy to have a smoke with. But he was pretty forthcoming with the answers to your hard hitting questions. Seriously - GREAT interview.

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0 # Platypus 2009-01-30 04:36
I'm not a cigar smoker but I do like a good interview....nicely done!!!

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