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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

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dpipe1Imagine yourself for a moment having the ability to be driven around every day in the back of a long black limousine. Life is good, and you are enjoying the heck out of it. The limo picks you up; you get in, and it’ll take you where ever you want to go. You’re riding in style. When you reach your destination the door opens, you get out, and the limo pulls away. Now imagine yourself as the owner of a vintage Jaguar. When it runs it’s a thing of beauty, but you spend a lot of time tinkering. When you first started driving it, it took a lot of concentration, but after a few trips out, you start to get the hang of it. Unlike modern sports cars which are driven through a computer, this car has a soul. No two are exactly alike, every trip is a slightly different experience, and when it rains you can walk into the garage and just sit and look at it.

This is my way of comparing smoking cigars, to smoking a pipe. Neither one of them is a better experience than the other, but one of them requires a lot more attention.
I started smoking cigars shortly after I turned eighteen. At first it was when a group of friends were hanging out, we would stop by the cigar shop and each buy a cigar to smoke that night.

After a while I started enjoying them more often, and would pick up a week’s supply usually three at a time. I would sit out on my parents back deck at night, and reflect on whatever was going on in my life at that point in time. Whenever I bought a cigar it was usually a large one, if a robusto cost $5 and a Churchill cost $6 clearly the bigger cigar was the best value.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a couple small Rubbermaid containers to store cigars in. A while later I bought a desktop humidor, and as my collection grew I bought a cooler, and then later had to buy a bigger cooler. I was hooked. Cigars were a comfort to me, they were something cool to talk about, and they made me look cool at parties. I had a fancy cutter, a lighter that looked like I could weld metal with, and I could blow smoke rings. I was a cigar smoker. Over time my preferences changed, but the experience was all pretty familiar, whether it was a contemplative moment alone, or burning a couple stogies with friends, the circumstances may have changed but the smoking was often routine.


Early on in my cigar smoking hobby I also became interested in pipes and pipe tobacco. On one of our cigar trips one of my cigar smoking buddies and I picked up a couple of Dr. Grabow pipes, and a couple ounces of some sweet smelling tobacco the nice lady at the tobacco shop weighed out for us and stuffed into a Ziploc bag. The other guys laughed at us. Sitting in a friend’s garage with a pipe stuffed full of moist bulk tobacco in one hand and a torch lighter in my other I began my pipe smoking hobby, it lasted all of about seven minutes. After a couple more feeble attempts at breaking into pipes and burning my tongue, thumb, and scarring my taste buds, the Grabow was put away. Occasionally it would come back out but with very subpar results, it never lasted long.


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