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Wednesday, 01 June 2011

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So here are my thoughts; although the sub-$25 pipes may be filled, they may not be drilled straight, they might be not drilled right at the bottom of the bowl, and may burn a bit hotter than most, I have found them to be excellent smokers. My H.I.S. Briar is still to this day one of my favorite pipes. Although I do love my Savinelli, I find that it doesn’t smoke any better than my H.I.S. or the “Manufactures Seconds” I have. My Savinelli also has more fills on it than my favorite “Seconds” pipe. That same “Seconds” pipe I have is undoubtedly a Savinelli 9mm because it came with the plug you place in the stem in place of the filter if you don’t use the filters.


As far as construction, not being drilled right at the bottom of the bowl is annoying, but it’s not something that will ruin the experience. It’s just something that stops you before the bowl is actually done. Off-center doesn’t really change anything in how it smokes, and fills don’t affect anything but the look if you really look hard at the grain.

My point is if you are just getting in to pipes; don’t limit yourself to just cobs. There are some great “Seconds” pipes out there for less than 25 bucks that will please you just the same. Not that there is anything wrong with a cob, but sometimes a cob just doesn’t cut it in the style department, and taking care of a Briar is different than a cob. If you are looking for an exceptional quality pipe that you only smoke on special occasions, then $100 plus for it is a good investment. If you want some pipes that smoke well, look good, and you can smoke every day without caring that you burn them out, go for the bargain basket or “Seconds” pipes. You most likely won’t be disappointed, and you don’t have to worry about having them in a rotation. It will also bring you in to the world of smoking a Briar pipe without breaking your bank. I do take good care of even my “seconds” pipes and they will most likely serve me for many, many years to come. Give them a try to get you going, then go for the expensive pipes later. The more expensive pipes pay you back with their beauty, and perfect construction, but they aren't an every day pipe. A $25 pipe will do that job just fine.

Keep on piping!


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