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Thursday, 16 June 2011

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da vincidan tobacco

So we pull the jar of Da Vinci out and open it up.  The aroma is very similar to what I remember.  I definitely smell the wine it’s topped with.  It has some vanilla notes as well.  Over all, a nice aromatic aroma.  It’s a little drier than I remember.  I can’t imagine it dried out as it’s been in a sealed jar the whole time.  It’s mostly dark brown and black with just a few ribbons of tan throughout.  Nice looking tobacco.


As I light it up I can immediately tell that it has mellowed in the last 4 months.  That bitter flavor I tasted before is almost completely gone. The vanilla flavors are still there.  They are, for lack of a better term, more rounded and smooth.  The Tuscan red wine is also there but not as pronounced as I remember.  The aroma of the wine is just as strong though.  Again, the Virginia flavor is very light and I really have to concentrate to taste it most times.  It occasionally comes to the front though.

One difference that is noticeable is that I’m getting just a touch of bite with it.  Now this could be from several things.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been smoking about an equal amount of cigars and pipes.  Maybe it’s because my body chemistry has changed?  I don’t really know but I’m having to smoke really slow to keep it from biting.

As I smoke this bowl down to ash, I’ve decided that Da Vinci is indeed a pipe tobacco that I’ll keep on hand.  However, I think I tend to like it more from a just opened tin than from a jar that’s got a couple months of age on it.  This could just be what I’m in the mood for right now though.  I did eat a piece of chocolate while I was smoking the bowl and they complimented each other very well.  Wonderful combination of chocolate and smoke!

One other thing I just noticed is that the draft hole is drilled just a touch too high.  I don’t smoke this pipe very often but I still can’t believe I never noticed this before.  I wasn’t able to smoke to the bottom.  I do believe it’s time for a bit of a mud job in the bottom of this Pete!

So, I recommend Dan Tobacco’s Da Vinci if you’re looking for something a bit different but still a great aromatic.  Thanks again for spending a few minutes of time with me and my pipes.

Happy smoking!


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