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Thursday, 09 June 2011

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So, my question to the purveyors of the 1 to 3 years only sect, how do we know how old the tobacco is by the time we actually get it in our hot little hands?  How can tobaccos not age when there’s fermentation going on constantly?  And yes, that’s another subject that I’d like to bring up.  It’s been said and thrown about that once you open a tin of tobacco, the aging process stops immediately.  Although it may very well slow the process down some and actually alter the direction it was headed slightly, I certainly can’t believe that a process that was started in the open air will be ceased by reintroducing air.

There are two main enemies to aging tobacco, light and heat.  These two culprits will hinder aging and may actually do damage to the flavor of your favorite blend.  So, be sure that you store your cellar in a cool place away from light.


Which brings me to yet another issue that’s been brought up several times: Quick aging tobacco using an oven, a microwave or putting it on the dash of your car.  Let’s all listen to Greg Pease again when he tells us that heating your favorite tobacco is not a good idea.  It will change the character of the blend.  If you’ve ever read that a tobacco was flue-cured or fire-cured or stoved, this is exactly what the blender was doing, changing the character of the tobacco using a controlled heat source.  Now, if you have a tobacco that doesn’t taste very good and you’re considering tossing it or perhaps sending it to some unsuspecting newbie, then by all means, give one of these techniques a try and see if it turns into something you like.  But please don’t do this to one of your favorites.

I guess I should say a word or two on methods of long term storage and aging.  The absolute best way is to use a glass jar that one would use for canning.  Stay away from plastics.  There are far too many things that can go wrong with plastics.  And though I do age some of my tobacco in the original unopened tins, remember that these tins do fail sometimes.  So be sure to also check your cellar.  I can promise you’ll look at your tobacco and be proud of what you have as well as you’ll be making sure none of your containers have failed.
There’s my take on the subject of aging tobacco.  Perhaps you feel enlightened or perhaps you feel this was 10 minutes of your life you’ll never get back.  Either way, I’m glad you took the time to hang out with me for another of my self-validating meanderings!  Sit back, light up a pipe and enjoy yourself!

Happy pipe smoking!


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