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Friday, 19 July 2013

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Q: What’s the secret of perfectly aging my cigars?
A: Try aging your cigars at a slightly lower than normal humidity level and temperature. Then, the aged cigars can go into a desktop humidor for easy smoking. Some collectors prefer to age their smokes in boxes with like cigars next to each other.


Q: What’s that powdery stuff on my cigars? Do I have to dump them?
A: Hopefully, no. If the powder is fine and white like powdered sugar, it’s called “plume” and it’s harmless. This is the result of cigars sweating off oils, so just dust it off the smokes before lighting them. On the other hand, if that dust is bluish and leaves a stain on the wrapper, you have a much bigger problem—mold. Mold is nasty stuff that can ruin the taste of your cigars. To avoid mold, always use distilled water in your humidor and keep it at a 70 degree/70% humidity level. Don’t even think of using tap water, or you’re asking for trouble.

Q: If I smoke only half of my cigar, is it OK to put it back in the humidor? I hate to waste half of a good cigar!
A: NO! Absolutely not! Your whole humidor and everything in it will smell like stale smoke, and you’ll waste a lot of time airing them all out. It’s better to “waste” half of a cigar than to risk ruining your humidor and the cigars you haven’t smoked yet.

Q: Last week I was in a B&M and I put a cigar under my nose to smell it. The owner yelled at me like I had tried to steal something! What did I do wrong?
A: Would you want to buy (or smoke) a cigar that had been under someone’s nose? This is a major violation of cigar etiquette, so don’t do it again.

Q: I’m new to cigar smoking, and I bought my first box of sticks about a month ago. The first few tasted great, but now I’m finding that the rest have dried out. What can I do?
A: You need to buy a humidor, dummy. You should have done that when you bought the cigars. Resolve to pick one up before you buy one more cigar and learn how to use it. That’s the only way to keep a fine cigar as fresh on the day you smoke it as it was on the day you bought it. And learn from the experiences of other noobs—don’t buy one that’s too small. Bigger is better.


Q: I know this sounds like a stupid question, but how far down are you supposed to smoke a cigar? Why can’t you smoke it down to the nub, like a cigarette?
A: The simple answer is that you stop smoking a cigar when you’re not enjoying it anymore. The stick that tastes wonderful when you first light it can change as you smoke it down. That’s because it’s getting hotter and stronger as the tars and moisture build up. So keep smoking that stogie as long as you enjoy it, then put it out.


0 # Beetle TrapSteven Holmgren 2013-07-22 01:52
What are they and where do I get them? Even tho I don't have any bugs at present, would it be wise to place traps in my humidors? Would the chemicals have any affect on my cigars?

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+1 # Article ContentDean 2013-08-02 23:04
This article really needs to (at the very least) credit Cigar Aficionado. There is a remarkably similar article posted on their web site in July 2010.

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