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Thursday, 24 October 2013

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For kids, Halloween is about scoring as much candy as you can in the few hours that your parents allow you to go out trick-or-treating. It’s a lot more complicated for adults, who have to wrack their brains trying to come up with original costumes or risk being called “lame” by their partying pals. If you don’t feel like dressing up as a pirate again this year, why not indulge your fondness for cigars by paying homage to a famous smoker?




The bonus for dressing up as a legendary cigar aficionado is that you can enjoy your favorite smoke all night long while keeping in costume—at least if you’re taking part in an outdoor Halloween celebration or partying at the home of a fellow smoker. Here are a few ideas for costumes that can use a cigar as a prop.

Al Capone


Get your gangster on with a double-breasted pinstripe suit, fedora and wide tie. Bloodstains and bullet holes carry out the ambiance. Accessories include a bottle of illegal hooch and a machine gun, preferably a toy or at least unloaded. Your flapper date should have a cigarette in a jeweled holder and a pint flask in her garter.

Groucho Marx


Are you a frustrated comedian with a thousand one-liners? You have an excuse to use them when you dress up as Groucho. Scour the thrift shops for a vintage suit and bow tie, then add glasses, fake eyebrows and moustache. You may be able to find the Groucho nose, brows and moustache all in one at a joke shop. Finish the look with a really big cigar.

Bill Clinton
Yeah, we know what the Prez liked to do with his cigars in addition to smoking them, but just forget about that unless you want to get arrested for lewd conduct at your local Halloween carnival. To look properly Presidential, wear a nice suit and a wavy silver wig. Your date has the choice of dressing as Hillary (pantsuit with “Vote for Me!” button and blonde wig) or Monica (dark wig and blue dress, stains optional.)

Here’s another cool choice for couples. Your lady friend shouldn’t have much trouble getting tricked out as Beyonce (we vote for her Super Bowl outfit), while you can be a rap mogul in tux and lots of (fake) bling. Designer sunglasses are a must, NY ball cap and fake money falling out of your pockets optional. Carry a box of illegal cigars smuggled out of Cuba on your recent visit.

Fidel Castro



Here’s an easy outfit that gives you the perfect excuse to smoke all night long. Just pick up some beat-up green fatigues (including cap and boots) from the Army-Navy store, add a black wig and beard. The cigar? A pre-trade-embargo Cuban, of course,—a Cohiba Corona Especial if you can find one without getting arrested.

Kinky Friedman



If you’re in the mood to dress up like a cowboy, why not emulate our favorite cigar-loving, mystery-writing, failed TX gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman? To emulate the Kinkster, you’ll need a black cowboy shirt or vest, a big belt buckle and a really big black hat. Add a moustache, chrome shades and a big cigar. Guitar optional.

If you are still trying to decide on a good Halloween cigar themed costume keep reaidng because we've got more ideas coming.

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