3 Reasons To Enjoy the Cigar Industry
Written by Paul Shoberg

Friday, 06 November 2009

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Number 2 – The Events

You have to love the events. From the Big Smokes in Las Vegas, to the annual RTDA show, 10 myriad of events they put on in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and many other of the cigar producing nations. Simply put these people know how to have a good time. I’ve never been to a cigar industry event, where there hasn’t been music, laughing, to and people enjoying themselves. You’re simply guaranteed of a good time.

This extends of the camaraderie phone at your local brick and mortar tobacco shop. All throw this under events, a sitting down at a tobacco shop and enjoying a cigar can be an event in and of itself. If you have a good local tobacconist your a step up on the many people the don’t. Enjoy it and take advantage of that, and support their business.

Number 1 – The People

The number one reason to sit back enjoy your cigar, study up on the history, and search out others with similar interests, is just that. The people. The people that enjoy cigars are second to none in their truth, honesty, and lack of pretension. Sure there are those that smoke cigars for show and indicate that they have a lot of money, but they are the exception and not the rule. You can also spot them a mile away and avoid them as well.

99.9% of the fellow cigar lovers you will meet want to do nothing more than talk about cigars. They aren’t interested in your social status, they could care less what kind of car you drive, they simply want to share the passion that is the love of cigars.

Find a good online community and your circle of friends will be expanded in exponential ways. You’ll be surprised at first, and wonder why everyone is treaty so well, but then you realize that’s just the way they are. Stick around with an online community, and you’ll just expand your circle of friends you’ll literally start having your family.

Cigar smokers are truly the salt of the earth. I can’t emphasize enough all the friends, the joy, and the satisfaction and got from my involvement in the cigar world. I wish you all the same experiences I’ve had, and more. That said, if your experience 50% of the joy and satisfaction I’ve got from being involved in this industry you’ll be in great shape.

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