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Friday, 16 January 2009

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cigintroThank you for stopping by for another article in this series on how to pick a cigar that is right for you. As stated in our previous article, there are many factors to consider when choosing a cigar. In this second portion of the series, we are exploring the different shapes and sizes, what they mean to your smoking experience, and how to properly smoke them.



As you may recall from our last article, we talked about cigar measurements, and in particular, ring gauge, which is the diameter of a cigar in units of 1/64 of an inch. In that scenario, a 64 inch gauge is one inch around; 32 ring gauge is half-an-inch, and 16 ring gauge is a quarter of an inch.

We also discussed how a fatter cigar can give you are cooler smoke, provided you can fit it comfortably in your mouth and fingers. And finally, we left off discussing three six standard cigars: The Churchill, the regular and petite Belicoso, as well as the Ascot, Belvedere, and Demitasse.

Here, we will continue discussing some of these basic types, starting with the Corona class of cigars, of which there are many.

The Corona

The basic Corona is approximately five and a half inches long. It has a ring gauge of 42 and is known for being a sort of in-between cigar; not too large nor too small. It is the most common type of cigar on the market. You can depend on a classic Corona to last your around forty-five minutes.






0 # Slow down....doc8466 2009-01-22 01:06
If you are finishing a double corona in 60 minutes or less, you need to slow down...a LOT! I'd say the same for most if not all of your other timie estimates. If you truely enjoy sucking down a cigar that quickly, you'll probably be amazed at how much better the cigar will be if you stick to the 'one puff per 45-60 second' rule of thumb.

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0 # robusto in 20 min?stonefox 2009-01-22 06:56
Who is smoking these cigars to get these times? A shop vac:D

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0 # Smoking Times...abdul 2009-02-07 04:11
I think you're supposed to let the cigar smolder and puff it gently from time to time, not light it on fire and and give it CPR. .;-)

The cigar times are definitely off, unless he's throwing away the cigar. with 2-3 inches left on each one.

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