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Friday, 16 January 2009

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The Culebra

Earning a definite entry in the “bizarre” category, this cool cigar is actually comprised of three cigars, all rolled into one. Think of those Russian dolls that all hide within each other and you’ll maybe get the idea. Averaging around six inches long with a ring gauge of 34, these cigars are twined together. To smoke them, you must be careful to unbind them slowly, or you run the risk of ruining them.

Not known for their pleasant looks, these ugly cigars are fun at parties or small gatherings, and make a good conversation piece. Expect to enjoy these for around thirty minutes a piece.


A rather popular cigar, the Lonsdale is 7 inches long with a ring gauge of 42. Named after a famous Earl of the same name, this is a highly enjoyable smoke, lasting in the neighborhood of 50 minutes, sometimes even as long as an hour. You will want to make sure you have time to truly enjoy this fine cigar.

The Panatela

Less popular than the Lonsdale, the Panatela comes in two types. The normal and the long. The normal is up to six and a half inches long with a ring gauge of 39 tops, while the long maxes out at seven and a half inches long, with a thin ring gauge of 36.  Because of the difficulty in rolling such a thin cigar, and its unpopularity among smokers do to its inherent draw, these cigars can be pretty difficult to find. If you do locate one however, expect it to last about forty minutes.

The Presidente

Also sporting the appropriate names Gigante and Immensa, this goliath of a cigar is almost laughable. Coming in at up to ten inches long and featuring a girthy ring gauge of 64, this big fella is not for the faint of heart. Great for special occasions, gifts, or being obnoxious, this enjoyable mouthful can last upwards of an hour and a half.

The Rothschild

Also sporting the name of Robusto or Toro, the Rothschild is a very popular cigar type, gaining more and more everyday. In a period where everyone is crunched for time, and space to enjoy a smoke is shrinking, the Rothschild offers a perfect solution. Not only is it a quick smoke, but because of its relative thickness, it gives the sensation of a full-bodied cigar. The best of both worlds!

This cigar is about four and a half inches long, with a chubby ring gauge of 50. Your average commitment will be twenty minutes for this porky fellow.

The Perfecto, the Pyramid, and the Torpedo

If you will recall from the previous article, I talked about how some innovations helped to blend a cool smoker (from a thick cigar) with the comfort of a smaller cigar. That is what these three types of cigars are all about.

The Perfecto is a difficult cigar to produce, but it is very popular. Allowing for a cool smoke and a pleasant draw, this cigar also benefits the smoker by having a shorter smoking time – it average around thirty minutes. They range from four to six inches in length, and it is difficult to give a good ring gauge, as it is fat in the middle and skinny on each end.

The Pyramid starts off at the head with a ring gauge of about 42, and increases to about 52/54 near the tip. Approximately seven inches in length, this cigar is hugely popular, as it gives you the best possible burn area. It is also very comfortable to hold in your fingers and mouth. You can find them in two varieties: the normal and the demi. The normal lasts about an hour, while the demi goes for around half an hour, if not less.

The Torpedo looks like the name suggests. It is not as popular as some of the other odd shaped cigars, and its size and smoking length can very greatly.


Thank you for joining us for this installment of How to Pick a Cigar that is Right for You. Now that we have covered the size issue, we will continue discussing some of the other attributes, such as wrapper color, that you should look for in a good cigar. 


0 # Slow down....doc8466 2009-01-22 01:06
If you are finishing a double corona in 60 minutes or less, you need to slow down...a LOT! I'd say the same for most if not all of your other timie estimates. If you truely enjoy sucking down a cigar that quickly, you'll probably be amazed at how much better the cigar will be if you stick to the 'one puff per 45-60 second' rule of thumb.

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0 # robusto in 20 min?stonefox 2009-01-22 06:56
Who is smoking these cigars to get these times? A shop vac:D

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Smoking Times...abdul 2009-02-07 04:11
I think you're supposed to let the cigar smolder and puff it gently from time to time, not light it on fire and and give it CPR. .;-)

The cigar times are definitely off, unless he's throwing away the cigar. with 2-3 inches left on each one.

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