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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

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Are all ashtrays created alike?  Does it really matter which type you choose?  Do you even need a cigar ashtray in the first place?  This guide will answer those questions for you.

Cigarette smokers may be able to survive without an ashtray, but cigar smokers are another story.  For this reason, we continue to see specially made cigar ashtrays on the market, as they are seen as a need amongst the community of enthusiasts. 

So what’s the point of a cigar ashtray?  Why do we need one more than cigarette smokers do?  After all, don’t both products produce ash?  Yes, both cigarettes and cigars produce ash.  But just look at the size difference between the two.  You can’t say with a straight face that a cigarette will produce as much ash as a cigar, because it’s simply not true.  Even the smallest cigars will produce a lot more ash, and when you think of something like a Churchill or a stogie with a ring gauge of 60, you’re talking about even more ash.

What about the time difference between smoking a cigarette and a cigar?  The whole practicality and comfort of it all?  A cigarette can be finished in a matter of minutes.  A cigar, on the other hand, will often take you about an hour or even longer to complete.  So what are you going to do throughout that entire time?  Hold the cigar in your hand?  That’s just not practical, especially if you are doing other things while you’re smoking.

Let’s say you are working on a project, for instance.  You’re going to want to place your cigar in a secure spot to keep it protected AND lit.  A proper cigar ashtray is just that place.  Think about the weight of the cigar too.  Although you don’t need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to hold it up, the average cigar does have some weight to it, so you’re going to want a rest every now and then.

What about the temptation that comes with having a lit cigar in your vicinity?  If you are overly “obsessive” like myself, you are going to want to constantly puff on it.  Having it in your hand the entire time will only make this desire stronger.  And what happens after that?  Not only will you end up smoking the cigar quicker than you should, but you will also likely taint its flavor, making it more bitter than it would be if you smoked it at a slower pace.

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