Battle of the Air Purifiers: the Alpine Air Better Living
Written by Paul Shoberg

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

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Quiet, and a much more enjoyable noise, this was kind of cool. The smell of the ozone was really pleasant. (I know I know, there is a lot of debate about if Ozone is bad for you…I’m smoking a cigar here, obviously I am not worried too much about things that are bad for you. Debate that with someone else.)

Here’s what I will tell you. After one night of running in my office, my wife could smell smoke, but it was much better and fresher smelling than the Oreck. In fact, if you played with the ozone level setting for your room size, you may be able to make this work. Too much ozone and you get this burnt smell lingering in the air. Not a cigar burnt smell, but a mechanical one…like it was actually coming from the machine. Too little ozone and the results are obvious; you can smell more of the night before. If you experiment upon the right ozone level for your room, this works pretty well. In fact leaving it running for two days, completely eliminated any smell whatsoever, and left the room with this “fresh after a thunderstorm” smell.

The Better Air costs $339, but they have all sorts of funky offers on their website. Buy two get one free, free shipping if you are left handed, and buy 200 and they give you the company. OK, so I exaggerate a little, but the message is to check around, as in this economy it seems like every one is willing to make a deal.

After all is said and done, nothing can beat the nose on my wife. I guess I’ll keep bearing those Minnesota winters and enjoy my cigars outside. If you are braver than I am, and want to give an air purifier a chance…and your goal is the elimination of smoke, there were no doubts what was best here. The Better Living Indoor Air Purification system performed the best, and also had less filters and pieces that had to be replaced. I actually like the smell this thing left in the room. If you are comfortable with the risks of ozone, this is the guy for you. Now that I have them both, I will only be using the one. Watch eBay for the listing of my Oreck!

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