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Wednesday, 09 September 2009

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smokering001If there is one thing that every cigar smoker tries at some time in their life, it’s blowing smoke rings. The urge to blow smoke rings can come at any time; you can be sitting back in your den just contemplating the world and that secret urge to be a kid again will strike. Or you can be there with a group of cigar-smoking friends and you want to show off - just a little - so the urge will hit you and out will pop something that hopefully looks like a smoke ring.

Of course you don’t really want to make a fool of yourself in front of your friends and totally fail at blowing smoke rings so you’re going to need to practice, and it just might take a lot of practice too. However, if you’re keen on learning the art of blowing the perfect smoke ring with your cigar smoke then here are a few tips that might help you achieve fame -but little fortune - as a master smoke ring blower.

The Right Conditions

There are two things that you need before you even begin to think about producing the perfect smoke ring. The first is the right atmospheric conditions. Now that sounds highly technical, doesn’t it? 

Use words like ‘atmospheric conditions’ and people immediately start thinking of barometric pressure, wind chill factors and a whole lot of other stuff which is cool. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance then you can always baffle them with the other stuff and you might need to baffle them a bit if you fail to produce the perfect smoke ring. 

So what are the right atmospheric conditions that you might need before you can blow the perfect smoke ring? Nothing more than still air; see what I mean about baffling them? If you’re outside and there’s even so much as a slight breeze blowing then it’s going to destroy your smoke ring before it has had time to form. If you’re indoors make sure people aren’t walking past where your trying to blow your ring and also make sure that there aren’t any draughts blowing in from outside.

The second thing you need is a cigar that produces the right kind of smoke. If you’re smoking a cigar that produces quite dense smoke then you’re on the money but if your cigar produces a lighter smoke then you better get ready to use that baffle move I mentioned a few moments ago because less dense smoke will not form a decent smoke ring.


-1 # GreatSGT Jim 2009-10-15 10:46
Yes that is a good way to learn, I remember spending a lot of time laying on my bed learning the fine art of smoke rings.

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