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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

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Tobacco can relax and stimulate you at the same time

What is one of the most popular activities that accompanies cigar smoking?  Beyond playing poker, watching the big game, golfing, and mowing the lawn, RELAXING is a pastime that goes along with cigar smoking like two peas in a pod.  The act itself of smoking a cigar enhances relaxation, as you can sit back and enjoy watching each puff emanate from your mouth. 

Now let’s jump to the topic of stress for a moment.  Whether you’re single in your 20s, juggle a job, wife, and kids in your 40s, or if you’re retired in your 60s, stress is a part of everyday life.  The amount of stress that each of us encounters obviously varies due to our family and work situations, but you can count on it being there in some form or another. 

So what happens when we get stressed?  Not only does our energy drop, but it also becomes much harder to concentrate.  With so many issues on your plate, it’s easy for your mind to become overloaded, making it nearly impossible to concentrate on one specific task.  In a second we’ll see how tobacco handles this problem. 

Okay.  So now we know that the simple act of a smoking cigar reduces tension and enhances relaxation, but what about the chemical effects?  Do you know that “kick” you experience when tobacco enters your system?  That’s the result of your body’s absorption of the tobacco, and it produces a relaxed, calming effect.  That takes care of the tension part and helps to bring an overall feeling of calm.

What about the lack of concentration?  Well tobacco takes care of that by enhancing awareness and concentration once it enters the central nervous system.  As you can see, it has two effects that are almost polar opposites.  First, it relaxes you when it enters the body to relieve stress.  Then it increases your awareness and concentration.  The chemicals in tobacco that create these effects are referred to as Biphasic.  Why?  Because they create two phases.  One relaxes, while the other stimulates.

Cigar smoking can help lower your blood pressure

High blood pressure is a rather common health issue.  And if you suffer from it, you have probably been prescribed some pills by your doctor to help curtail the problem.  But did you know that some cigar smokers have reported that puffing on a stogie seems to lower their blood pressure more than their pills ever could?  This obviously doesn’t mean that you should just dump your doctor and stock up your humidor to handle your blood pressure, but the calming and relaxing effects of cigars can definitely keep you from becoming aggravated and making your blood pressure spike.

Getting back to the topic of how the act of cigar smoking can be relaxing in itself, many cigar smokers see it as a form of meditation.  As you smoke a cigar you can sit back and visualize calmness to help relieve stress.  This, in turn, can help keep that blood pressure under control.  There’s even a cigar that reflects this aspect of the hobby in its name: the Te Amo Meditation.


0 # RE: Can Cigars Actually be Good for Your Health?James Haas 2013-10-22 10:43
As the country singer said "I'd rather add life to my years than add years to my life."

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