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Friday, 23 August 2013

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Properly lighting a cigar is one of those things that sounds easy but isn’t. Lighting a cigar the right way requires a bit of skill as well as knowledge about what to do, and more importantly, what not to do. Light it the wrong way and you risk ruining a fine cigar. Master a few skills and every cigar will be a flavorful experience!




Cigar prep

Before attempting to light the cigar, remove the cellophane wrapper and any cedar or ribbons from the foot. Be sure the cigar is cut properly.

Toast your cigar

The main thing to master in the art of lighting a cigar is to take your time. For the cigar to burn evenly and taste its best, it must be evenly lit. Gently light the cigar in the same way that you would toast a marshmallow over a campfire, by keeping the cigar above and near to the flame without letting them touch.

Rotate the cigar so that all parts of the tip are heated uniformly. Turn the cigar slowly with your fingers while taking light puffs.  Some cigar aficionados recommend taking a puff every five seconds so the cigar doesn’t go out before it’s fully lit.

Don’t get upset if the flame slightly touches the wrapper, since this shouldn’t be enough to affect the quality of the smoke. If the cigar is taking a long time to glow evenly all around, blow gently on the tip while turning.

Whatever you do, don’t burn the cigar directly in a flame, because you don’t want to char the tobacco. Again, take your time and keep rotating the cigar until a glowing ring appears all the way around the tip of the cigar. When the cigar is properly lit, blow gently on the embers to form a smoothly rounded ash, then place the unlit end between your lips and take a puff.


There are pros and cons to using matches to light your cigar. The biggest con is that you have to allow the sulfur and chemicals to burn off before lighting the cigar so they won’t affect the taste. This can take time, something you don’t have if you’re trying to light a cigar outside on a windy day. If you prefer lighting your smokes with matches, there are special matches made for cigars. These extra-long sulfer-less wooden matches take longer to go out, giving you more time to evenly light the smoke.


You can also use cedar spills to light the cigar. A spill is a narrow piece of wood that allows the ignition process to move slowly and enhances the flavor of the cigar. Light the spill while holding at a down angle and allow the flame to grow. Place the lit spill near the foot of the cigar as you rotate it slowly. Extinguish the spill after the cigar is properly lit.

Don’t use these

Do not attempt to light a cigar with a candle, because the burning candle wax can add odd flavors to the smoke. This also applies to isobutene cigarette lighters. And no paper matches.

We’ve covered some of the basics but there is a lot more to discuss.  Keep reading for some tips on choosing a lighter for your cigars.


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This's useful! Thanks :lol:

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0 # OKAYJoshua Hurst 2014-05-26 23:47
Good for amatures but I already knew that but thanks for the refresher.

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