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Thursday, 03 April 2008

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Accessorizing isn't just for women's fashion. In the cigar world, accessorizing can be fun for men and women cigar smokers alike. Having the right Cigar Accessories can make a big difference in your enjoyment of a cigar. Let’s take a look at some of the accessories that can really enhance your cigar-smoking experience.

An ordinary cigarette lighter may actually spoil the taste of your cigar. Petroleum products power many lighters and the fumes from these products can be drawn back into the cigar when you’re lighting it. When that happens, the fumes will alter the taste of the cigar quite noticeably. So always choose a lighter that’s powered by butane and you’ll never spoil the taste of your cigar. Most of us have to smoke outside these days. Having a good torch lighter can make it much easier to toast your cigar and light it while smoking outside in windy conditions. Browse a fine selection of Cigar Lighters at

Cutters and Scissors
Before you actually light your cigar you should remove the cap at the end and the best way to achieve this is with a cigar cutter or cigar scissors. Perhaps the best and easiest tool to use is a cigar cutter and these come in several different varieties. Undoubtedly the best cigar cutter to use is one that is fitted with double blades. The action is clean and crisp and you will find that most double bladed cutters are self-sharpening. Cigar Cutters at

Cigar Punches
Some cigar smokers prefer not to use cigar cutters or scissors; often they find that the size of these tools does not suit them and so these smokers tend to use a cigar punch. A cigar punch places a neat hole in the end of the cigar and punching a cigar is a precision process. However that doesn’t mean that beginners can’t achieve a good result with a cigar punch.

Cigar punches are precision tools designed to fit over the end of a cigar and also fit neatly into your hand. The best cigar punches have blades made of surgical steel and are self-cleaning. One major advantage of a cigar punch is its relatively small size and that makes it very convenient to carry.

Cigar Cases
Cigar cases are designed to protect your cigars when you want to carry them with you. Once your cigars are in their case they will be protected from the elements wherever you’re going. Cigar cases come in a variety of finishes and price points and the top of the range may cost $50.00 or more and be handcrafted in fine Italian leather. Browse Cigar Cases at

A humidor is one accessory that every cigar smoker should have and with a price point starting at around $30.00 for a very basic model there is simply no excuse for not having one.

A basic humidor will protect your cigars and keep them in the perfect environment in your home or office while the more expensive humidors will allow you to store more cigars and require less upkeep. Not only will the top-of-the-range humidors enhance your smoking experience but they’ll also enhance the décor of any room in your house.

As the price increases so does the fittings and features of the humidor and the very best of the range might feature a highly polished exterior combined with a beautifully lined interior. The better ones will also have room for accessories and indicators that allow you to assess the humidity inside the humidor without opening it. You can check out the Humidors at here.

Smoking a good cigar is definitely an event to be savored rather than rushed and when you have the right accessories you’ll find that the pleasure you get from your cigars will definitely be enhanced.

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