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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

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guillotine cutter

This is a wonderfully standard double-guillotine cutter for cigars. It is very plain looking with no fancy marking on it. The overall shape of the cigar cutter is an elongated oval with triangular hole to place your fingers. The steel is nicely polished giving it a very simple, but highly classy look. Simplicity is greatest in my opinion. As with almost everything it is made in China, but do not let that deter you!



The dimensions of the cigar cutter are three and half inches long, one and half inches wide in the middle, and one-eighth inches thick. The cigar cutter fits very comfortably in the palm of your hand, as seen below, with a nice weight to it. It feels just right. Not too heavy, not too light.


This cutter is composed of just three pieces of interlocking steel. Thus it is simple and reliable. The body of the cigar cutter holds the interlocking blades tightly. When the blades are retracted it is impossible to cut yourself due to the tight fit of the blades within the body. However the two blades are extremely sharp and can easily cut off a finger. After using the cigar cutter moderately it has yet to dull out, a sign of longevity. The cutter is also made of stainless steel, so it will never rust.  

The cigar cutter fits a maximum of a 56 ring gauge cigars. For cigars bigger than that you are going to need to find a bigger cutter. To use the cutter you place your thumb and middle finger (or any other finger you are comfortable with) and pull until the blades disappeared from the middle. After that you place your cigar into the middle of the cigar cutter, but just above the cap to prevent the wrapper from peeling. Finally you put firm and equal pressure on both sides. Walla! You got a perfectly cut cigar every time. It is simple and foolproof. Also I recommend tapping your cigar lightly with your finger to get rid of any loose tobacco from the cut.

The maintenance of this cigar cutter is also minimal. Sometimes tobacco or oils from the tobacco cling onto the blades. To clean the cigar cutter simply take one paper towel and put a little bit of water on it. You could also using rubbing alcohol, but I would not recommend cleaning it before using cutting a cigar because your cigar might taste funny. Thus if you want to sanitize it let it dry before use. Then lightly wipe the blade with the paper towel until it is clean.

Overall this is a perfect cigar cutter for anyone looking for a good quality cutter on a budget. Best of all you can get this cutter for eight dollars (links down below), which is a steal on Amazon or the producer’s website. I highly recommend it for all beginners looking into getting into the beautiful art of cigar smoking. It is reliable, classy, and durable. What is not to like?


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