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Wednesday, 08 May 2013

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Do you want to learn more about humidification or humidity beads for your cigars?  If so, then this cigar FAQ should help to give you further insight into the topic before you make the move to add them to your coolidor or humidor.

There are plenty of handy products and devices released by the tobacco industry that can help you take your cigar smoking hobby to another level.  One such category of products is that of humidification beads, which some refer to as humidity beads.  If you’ve wondered what humidification beads are and have questions about them, you are definitely not alone.  That should not stop you from learning more about them and possibly purchasing them in the future, however.  For this reason, we’ve decided to deliver this handy cigar FAQ that will feature some of the basics of humidification beads.

Before we jump into how to use humidification beads, we should first give some background info.  Humidification or humidity beads provide the primary function of offsetting fluctuations in relative humidity (RH).  They do this by absorbing and desorbing moisture.  Composed of moisture-sensitive silica material, humidification beads are usually offered at specific preset RH levels.  The beads used for cigars are generally set to 65 and 70 percent levels and, as with most things, opinions differ on the ideal cigar RH.  The standard seems to be 65 percent, although you will surely find some who believe otherwise.

One advantage of humidification beads is that their life span is essentially unlimited.  They must be maintained, however, and maintenance usually involves drying the beads if they contain too much water or adding distilled water if necessary.

It’s worth noting that humidification beads are not the same as desiccant silica gel.  While humidification beads can absorb and desorb moisture, desiccant silica gel simply absorbs moisture to lower humidity.  Due to its limited functionality, silica gel is not really meant to control humidity in the same way that humidification beads can.

You are probably wondering where the whole idea of humidification beads came from and why they were developed.  They were first created for the art and museum industry to help with the preservation and storage of timeless pieces of art and other artifacts.  For example, organizations such as the National Archives and Smithsonian are buyers of humidification beads.

Now that we’ve discussed some background information on what humidification beads are and the purpose they serve, let’s get into some basics regarding their usage.

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