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Saturday, 15 June 2013

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cigar forumfaq

One reason for avoiding the subjects of politics and religion is that both have a way of leading to personal attacks, which will not be tolerated on most forums. If you feel like you have to call a fellow member or moderator a nasty name, step away from the computer, light up a good cigar, pour a glass of your favorite libation and chill until the urge goes away. Don’t even think of posting private messages from another member to the forums as that is a violation of most cigar forum rules.

Forums are not the place to promote your business, and if that’s why you’re here, then buy advertising. And no spamming, ever. This is supposed to be a friendly place for cigar lovers to discuss their passion with kindred spirits—and that should be the subject of your posts.  If you do whant to advertise in a cigar forum there are usually forums dedicated to that subject.  Or you can always send a Private Message to an admin or moderator.



While members are welcome to write cigar reviews, they must be posted to the appropriate forum and may not be linked to any outside site, including your personal blog or Facebook account.

Respect the opinions of others. There’s no such thing as the one-size-fits-all perfect cigar for every smoker. The difference in your tastes in cigars is what keeps these forums interesting. Just because you think X-cigar “sucks” doesn’t mean it won’t be another member’s favorite. Isn’t that why there are so many sizes, shapes and brands of cigars on the market?

That said, don’t be shy about sharing your own feelings about the various smokes you’ve tried. This is especially true when a new cigar comes out and we could use some critiques.

For a crash course in finding your way around, take a minute to check our online tutorials on navigating the site and the forums.  Learn how to set up your profile, create an introduction thread, post photos and chat live.  


Ideally, a cigar forum would be like the online version of your favorite smoking lounge, a place you go to enjoy a fine cigar and discuss the pros and cons of various brands with like-minded friends. The kind of place where newbies to the cigar experience feel welcome and come to learn from the “veterans” without being insulted. A place to get away from the daily grind, where you’re not constantly being hassled by people trying to sell you something.

That’s the atmosphere we’re trying for at the forums, and that’s why there are rules and regulations. Welcome aboard, and have a great time!


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