Cigar Glossary Three: D through L
Written by James Payne

Saturday, 28 February 2009

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Gorda: Gorda is a type of Corona cigar, that is around 5 5/8 inches long and sporting a ring gauge of 46. In case you were curious, Gorda is Spanish for fat.


Gran Corona: A rather large cigar, the Gran Corona is about 9 ¼ of an inch long, with a ring gauge of 47.


Gum: This is a sort of glue, made from vegetation, that holds the head of the wrapper around the bunch.


Habana: Habana has two meanings with regards to cigars. First, it means Havana, the capital of Cuba, the hub of cigar manufacturing in that country. Outside of Cuba, Habana is a type of cigar tobacco grown out of Cuban Seed in countries like the Honduras, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic.


Habano: If you see this on a cigar band, it means that it is a Cuban cigar, though in truth, not every Cuban cigar will bare this insignia.


Habanos S.A. The company that distributes Cuban cigars worldwide.


Half Wheel: A phrase referring to a bundle of 50 cigars.


Hand: A hand is a single tobacco leaf that is hung with other leaves to form a bulk.


Hand-Rolled: If you hear this in reference to a cigar, it can mean one of two things: the cigar has been made entirely by hand or a machine bunched the cigar and it was rolled by hand.


Handmade: A term used to describe a cigar that has been entirely made by hand, with no machine interference.


Head: The end of the cigar that you smoke from.


Herf: A group of cigar smokers that gather in a social setting, such as a bar, a restaurant, a cigar store, or a home.


Holder: Holders are used to “hold” your cigar while you smoke it. Mostly collectible items.


Homogenized Binder: Used in the production of cigarillos, Homogenize tobacco product is tobacco that is mashed up and blended with other binders.


Hot: Giving off a harsh flavor, hot cigars have a loose draw to them.


Humidor: This is where you store cigars, be it a box or an actual room, which was designed specifically to keep the relative humidity at 70 percent, and the temperature at around 70.


Hygrometer: This tool is used to tell the humidity level.


0 # James Payne 2009-02-09 14:32
Hello Everyone,

This third part of the Ultimate Cigar Glossary covers the letters D through L. If you feel I missed something, please let me know!

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