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Monday, 26 May 2008

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Taste is a very remarkable and very individual thing. What cost me an arm and a leg and tastes smooth and full of flavor, may taste like old sawdust to you. I’m always wary of relying on the price of a cigar as some indication of the actual quality.

I can still remember the story of an Australian red wine that won a gold medal at a prestigious wine show here in America early last year. The judges thought the wine was wonderful and awarded it the gold medal over many other fine wines from various parts of the world. Many people agreed with the wine judges decision too because the taste was excellent.

Back in Australia, where quality wines can sell for anything up to $80 or $90 a bottle the wine that won that prestigious prize sold for under $10.00 a bottle.

Now that might sound really hilarious and it does say a lot for people's taste but it also says a lot for the myth that the more expensive a cigar might be the better the smoke. It should be telling you that price really is no clear indicator of value and that's something that you really need to remember when you go shopping for cigars. You can even see in our own cigar reviews that often times, lower priced cigars get better ratings than the higher priced sticks.

Sure, there can be some cigars on the market that are of excellent quality and they might be sold at a very high price but that may be more as a result of market forces than of genuine cost to the grower and manufacturer. At times limited supply of a certain leaf may join with a high demand to push up the price of a cigar. At other times it may just be clever marketing that pushes up the price.

Retailers and marketers know that cigar smokers are just like many other people out there in the marketplace – they fall for the concept that high prices mean quality – and so the marketers and retailers play on that. They boost the price of an otherwise average cigar and the consumers think that it must be quality, because of the high price.

At other times it's not the cigar that's expensive, it's the shipping and packaging, that adds to the price. If the cigar comes in an expensive looking package then you can be sure that somebody has to pay for that packaging and that someone is you.

The packaging can go beyond what you see around the cigar too. Where is the store located that you're buying your cigars from? Is it in an up-market part of town, or tourist area where overheads are high or is your cigar shop in a less expensive part of town where overheads are more reasonable?

The cost of the rent and the fancy fittings for the cigar shop in an up-market part of town has to be paid for and the one way of doing that is to buy in stock at a reasonable price and sell it out the door at a highly inflated price. So let's face it, price is no clear indicator of quality when it comes to cigars or anything else for that matter.

The true value of a cigar should never be determined by price. Instead it should be determined by what you think of the cigar. Does it please your palate? That's the only deciding factor that you need to apply to the cigars you smoke because, in the end, you're the only one who has to be satisfied. It all comes down to individual tastes and budget. There are definitely some cigars that I enjoy which are substantially above the average price of a cigar. I love the Padron 1964 Anniversary, and many people love the Fuente OpusX, and are more than willing to pay the above average prices for these extraordinary cigars. However, the Flor de Oliva is a very good cigar at an unbelievably low price.

So, don't be afraid to try that $3, $4 or $5 cigar. If you'd like some personal recommendations, sign up for our free message board and ask "the guys". They are very friendly and helpful.

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