Written by Kevin Godbee

Monday, 10 August 2009

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If you’ve ever wondered if size really matters, then I have to tell you that when it comes to cigars, it does. In fact size is so important with cigars that it’s measured in 1/64ths of an inch (circumference) while lengths tend to be measured by name.



Ring Size

That measurement of the circumference is called the ring size and a cigar with a ring size of 64 is an inch in diameter. A cigar with a ring size of 32 would be a ½ inch in diameter, so the smaller the ring size, the thinner the cigar is going to be. Likewise, the larger the ring size, the fatter the cigar is going to be. The most popular cigars tend to have a ring size of between 32 and 52


The ring size will also help you understand how the cigar will smoke. A fatter cigar will take longer to smoke and it will be cooler to smoke too. You should also remember that the fatter the cigar is the harder it will be to fit in your mouth so the ring size will also help you understand what the trade-off between burn rate and comfort will be.


Of course if you’re prepared to smoke your cigar slowly and hold it in your hand instead of in your teeth then it is quite possible to smoke a cigar with a large ring size. But if you want to clamp your teeth around your cigar and make like a steam locomotive with lots of hard puffing then big ring sizes may not suit your anatomy.


Some people feel that the ring size of a cigar is also important when it comes to appearance and image. For example some thin cigars can add a sense of power to some people while others simply look out of place and the sight of a woman smoking a cigar with a large ring size may send the wrong impression completely.


So when it comes to choosing a cigar based on ring size what you should really be looking for - if image isn’t all that important to you - is a cigar that fits in your mouth comfortable and also fits between your fingers too. Finding the size that’s right for you may take a little while but will certainly be enjoyable.





0 # Clarification on the measurementsVolker 2009-08-11 01:15
Hello Kevin,
Thanks for the article. Especially the shape part is a big help for me.
Could you please clarify for the ring size if it now refers to the diameter or the circumference, the beginning of the article seems to mix it up.

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0 # Cigar on the left?jamie140 2009-08-11 04:53
What is that beauty on the left?

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0 # Diameter vs. CircumferenceKevin Godbee 2009-09-02 22:56
Thanks for reading commenting Volker.

To clarify, the ring gauge measures the diameter, not the circumference.

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