Cigar Shapes and Sizes
Written by Kevin Godbee

Monday, 10 August 2009

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In most cases cigar lengths tend to be coupled with ring size and over the years the various cigar lengths have been given names that the industry seems to have settled on as some form of standard (although some premium level cigar makes do like to give their own names to the cigars they make).


For example the Presidente is 8 and ½ inches long with a ring size of 52. A Torpedo shares the same ring size but is only 6 inches long. The always popular Robusto is 5 inches long with a ring size of 50 and that’s a ring size that it shares with a Double Corona although the Double Corona is 8 inches long. The Single Corona is 5 and ½ inches long with a ring size of 42 while the Churchill - named after the famous wartime Prime Minister of Britain - is 7 inches long with a ring size of 49.




Smoking Times

Earlier I said that ring size was an indicator of the time it might take to smoke a cigar but length is another indicator of smoking time. If you’re just coming into the world of cigars from a background of cigarette smoking the times that I’m going to mention may come as some surprise but then cigar smoking is more of an event than a habit so be prepared to spend some time with each cigar you smoke.


If you elect to smoke a Presidente then you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your cigar - anywhere up to 90 minutes or more. A Double Corona may take an hour or more to smoke as will a Churchill.


If you don’t have that sort of time to devote to a cigar then you need to start looking at something under 5 inches in length, but even then it’s going to take you longer to smoke a short cigar than it takes to smoke a cigarette. And here I should note that a Robusto may seem like a shorter cigar but its larger ring size means that it will take anything up to 40 minutes or more to smoke.


So if time is of the essence then perhaps a cigar that’s around 4 and ½ inches long would be ideal for you. There are a number that fall within this length and have a small ring size as well.


And there you have the synergy between length and circumference explained for you. As you can see, size really does matter, but perhaps not in the way you might have thought of at the beginning of this article.


While there are some people in this world who think that smoking big cigars is important from an image point of view the real cigar connoisseur understands that it’s a combination of length, ring size and other factors too that will govern which cigars are right for you.


Take all those factors into account when you’re choosing your cigars.


0 # Clarification on the measurementsVolker 2009-08-11 01:15
Hello Kevin,
Thanks for the article. Especially the shape part is a big help for me.
Could you please clarify for the ring size if it now refers to the diameter or the circumference, the beginning of the article seems to mix it up.

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0 # Cigar on the left?jamie140 2009-08-11 04:53
What is that beauty on the left?

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0 # Diameter vs. CircumferenceKevin Godbee 2009-09-02 22:56
Thanks for reading commenting Volker.

To clarify, the ring gauge measures the diameter, not the circumference.

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