Cigar Smokers Are Good Peeps
Written by Kevin Godbee

Wednesday, 02 December 2009

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So I invite about 40 “so-called” friends, and much to my dismay, only fifteen total show up. A lot of my best buddies don’t bother to come, the neighbors are no-shows, and the dudes from the softball team have blown me off. But - much to my herfing delight, guess who does come? - The Cigar Smokers. Every one of these fifteen guys are brothers of the leaf and have shown their solidarity for their tobacco breathing brethren. And do they come empty handed? Not on your life. Cases of brew, trays of appetizers, homemade salads, and a cavalcade of smokes for all to trade and share. Screw the goddamned neighbor no-shows and the softball cheapo drunkards because I’m hanging ‘til the coyotes howl with some of the best people I know in this world: The Cigar Smokers. 

Walk down a crowded city street while puffing your puro and you’ll get dirty looks and stares of disdain from those who so badly need to be reminded that smoking is still indeed legal in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Suddenly you notice that a passer-by is enjoying a fragrant stick as well and the two of you greet like long lost brothers who enjoy nothing more than a nightly stroll with your hand rolled Honduran. Oh, yes, the other pedestrians will scoff at you both, scowling and wincing as if you were classless pariah. But YOU know in your mind that THEY are the uninformed ones missing out on one of the finest pleasures that life has to offer.

Cigar smokers are also a giving bunch. So many cigar groups and clubs collect and give to a great number of charities. One really nice cause that we’ve all gathered around is collecting stogies for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Based on the efforts I’ve seen, I wouldn’t be surprised if brothers of the leaf here in the U.S. have collected several hundred-thousand sticks for the G.I.’s over the past few years. We all know how quiet time is with a good smoke and how gathering with friends to partake is so enjoyable, and our soldiers deserve the best. I’ve read plenty of great stories where Saddam’s captured palaces have had their balconies turned into lavish smoking areas where both officers and enlisted men can gather for some leafy relaxation. I know of one that was turned into the Baghdad Cigar Club, where the now deceased Iraqi leader’s humidors, loaded to the brim with aged Cubanos, was shared by all, including some of the finest wines and libations you could imagine. How cool is that?

Yes, we cigar smokers are good peeps. We are the founders of friendship and the kings of camaraderie. We get all worked up over our little brown sticks of joy, and rightfully so. I’m not sure how or why, but cigars have a power to touch the soul – and, only a cigar smoker would understand what I meant by that. This is a passion that has brought us together for hundreds of years and it continues to grow. Oh, there are many who want to end our joy, but we’ll fight them to the death and never give up. We will stick together and exercise our God given right to enjoy our lives to the very fullest.

We are Cigar Smokers, some of the very best people around.


0 # WhoaBig D 2009-12-02 02:25
Strange that i log in today and the first thing that catches my eye is this. This completely sums up the first part of my day yesterday morning. Met a BOTL after damn near a year of misses, and this is exactly how it went.Like we knew each other from a past life. And when you say"cigars have the power to touch the soul" , I'm in complete agreement.

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0 # Damn dude...A bit offended 2009-12-03 06:47
..."pissy nags" "nagging broads," etc...ease up with the disparaging remarks, eh? I'm sorry that you've had bad luck with women. I can't commiserate (and neither can the other BoTLs I know personally); mine pics em out for me and has actually been known to smoke a stick or two.

In any case, it seriously undermined the rest of your hard work...I stopped reading after the first page because of the misogyny. If it was meant as tongue-n-cheek, it didn't come off that way.

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0 # Thanks & No ThanksKevin Godbee 2009-12-03 10:33
Thanks Big D. I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

Dear Ms. A Bit Offended,

Wow. I didn't know there were such sensitive people here. I was going to recommend a good Clint Eastwood movie, like Sudden Impact or Dirty Harry, but you would probably do better with The Bridges of Madison County.

Which cigar does your wife pick for you?

I would avoid watching the video here where Melissa interviews Robert of Camacho Cigars ... at least don't listen to his first line. It's very naughty and your wife wouldn't appreciate it.

You might want to try this site instead.

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