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Thursday, 12 September 2013

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Be considerate

Even out on the greens, there are things to consider. Avoid letting your secondhand smoke drift over to other golfing parties. If you are asked to extinguish your cigar, try to be gracious, especially if this is your first visit to this particular course and you’re a guest. You don’t want to be kicked out of a club because you got into a fracas with the owner’s son, do you? On the other hand, if you think the person asking you to douse the smoke was out of line, you can always light up again once they’re out of sight!


Cigars and Golf

Think of the greens

Notice how beautifully green and perfect that golf course looks? It looks that way because somebody spends a lot of money hiring greens keepers who spend a lot of time making that grass grow and keeping it pristine. They do not appreciate having it messed up.

In order to avoid setting fire to the grass, don’t lay your cigar down on the green while putting. There are little contraptions like cigar caddy clips you can buy that will hold your cigar and prevent it from going out while you make your shot. You don’t want to contaminate a premium cigar with fertilizer and bird poop, do you? Some cigar smokers rest their cigar on a long tee while driving, or rest it on the seat of the cart, but neither is really recommended.


Cigars and Golf

Some upscale courses frown on laying cigars or cigarettes down on the fairway. Also, be careful where you drop your ashes to avoid damaging the grass.

You need to be careful about disposing of flammable materials, so don’t toss your nub into the rough or toss matches around. Setting the greens on fire is definitely poor etiquette!

Be prepared to share

If you’re invited to be part of a foursome and plan to smoke, why not share with your pals? Bring enough of your favorite smokes to offer them to your fellow players. They may decline, but at least you’ve given the impression that you’re generous and happy to share. Plus, if any of them light up while you’re playing, the others are less likely to complain about the smoke.

Golfing supplies

Clubs, balls and all that stuff you have. Here are a few suggested accessories for cigar smokers.

Callaway Get-A-Grip Cigar Clip
This clip is specially designed to keep your cigar nearby and clean while you play. Just clip it to your golf cart to keep your stogie off the ground. $19.95 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.


Cigars and Golf

HeaterHolder Golfer’s Cigar Holder
This stainless steel clip has a 4” safety chain with clasp that snaps onto your golf bag. $19.12 at Amazon.

T-Clip with Golf Ball Marker
This T-Clip with Golf Ball Marker is a 3” tee with a clip on the top that holds your  cigars and clubs off the ground and away from pesticides while keeping them dry. Also included is a magnetic ball marker with logo. $12.95 at The Golf Store.

Keep your cigar dry, respect the grass and always ask, “Mind if I smoke?” These are the basics for smoking cigars on the golf course!


0 # Main PointLordOfSpoon 2013-09-20 22:02
Basically the whole point of this article is, don't be "that guy". :P

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0 # MAIN POINTJoshua Hurst 2014-05-26 23:57
I agree.

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