Daily Smokers Versus Connoisseurs
Written by Kevin Godbee

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

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It almost goes without saying that a true connoisseur will not buy on price alone. For the connoisseur a cigar worth a dollar is probably not worth smoking and he or she is unlikely to buy any at such a low price point. They don’t go looking for bargains on premium cigars either, because they know that if a cigar is worth smoking then you’ll have to pay a good price for it too.

The Right Drink Is Important

A cigar connoisseur will know precisely which type of alcohol will go best with each cigar. They will have already done some research on which drinks enhance the smoking experience and you can take their word for what works and what doesn’t.

To a connoisseur smoking a cigar is an event that’s to be savored and not interrupted.

Research and Current Knowledge is Important

A cigar connoisseur will be able to tell you all the differences in tobacco varieties that you never knew about. They’ll know whether the rainfall in each of the growing regions was good, bad or indifferent and they’ll know which years were good growing years and which years were not so good.

While that may sound rather esoteric to many, if you listen to a true connoisseur your chances of buying a bad cigar will be greatly diminished.


0 # painted pictures on extremes.Ji 2009-10-20 15:16

I'm not sure if it was the intent of the article, but the picture you painted of both the connoisseur and daily smoker are extremes. I may be wrong, but I don't think any person daily smoker or connoisseur would proudly associate themselves within your depiction.

If the intent of the article was to put most of the cigar smoking population in the vague area, then I think you've succeeded. I know I fall into that category.

Thanks for the interesting read.

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0 # Good styleJaq 2009-10-23 04:15
that is a piece no doubt born out of experience and observation. I think you present a valid picture of the cigar population. I for one do not smoke daily but neither am I a connoisseur. The article will provoke many think where they lay on this spectrum. Good read.

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0 # Mixed feelings Ron1369 2009-10-28 11:21
I have to say that after reading your article I have mix feelings, I used to consider myself a connoisseur, but now that I read your description or idea to what a connoisseur is, I would have to say I do not consider myself anything like what you think in your heart is a connoisseur.
I do not consider myself what you call an everyday smoker either although I smoke cigars everyday of my life. I have a very wide collection of big name cigars and if you seen all the cigars I own you might put me into your connoisseur category , however I do not go to the extremes that your connoisseur goes through.
I do in some ways mirror your everyday smoker, However when it comes to trying to only pay $1.00 for a good cigar , then that is where I have to take myself out of that category. If I can get a good hand rolled cigar for cheap I will most definitely go out of my way to get them but I am not going to turn down a good cigar just because of the price being more than a good shirt or a pair of shoes or maybe even the cost of a mortgage payment for a box of them.
Perhaps I do fit into the category you put most cigar smokers, like I said , I have mixed feeling now about where I am in the cigar smoking world.

Just another thing that makes you go Hmm!!8)

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0 # Daily Smokers Versus ConnoisseursThurman 2009-11-17 00:53

I think to some extent ciagrs are our hobby. Is it determined whether you smoke once a week, everyday or just smoke high end cigars?

True, the more know about cigars the greater the pleasure you get from smoking them. Does that make you a connoisseur? Cigars enthusiats are like wine drinkers. Some wine drinkers think the best wine comes from Napa, end of story. For myself, I have my own preference on what I want in a cigar. Just because the cigar you smoke cost more does not make you a connoisseur. I had a high end cigar that I would not buy because it did not suit my taste. I'm not going to force myself to enjoy a cigar just because it a high end brand.

The bottom line is I smoke what I like. I'd don't like the labels.

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0 # Not this or thatRoger D Metoxen 2012-12-04 13:31
I just Like/Love smoking cigars. I am not a catagory I am a cigar smoker period. Heck I even smoke a machine made once in a while, like I said cigar smoker NOT Snob

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