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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

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Paper Matches

We might as well start off with the bottom of the barrel here, and that award goes to paper matches.  When would you use paper matches?  Basically, use them when you have no other choice, such as if you forgot your preferred lighting accessory at home.

Paper matches offer one advantage: they’re cheap.  If you are out and about at a bar or other social setting, you can probably even get them for free.  Beyond that, they offer several disadvantages.  First, paper matches tend to cheapen the cigar smoking experience.  They’re just not classy at all.  Second, they’re not reliable and you may need several just to get your cigar lit.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to paper matches, however, is that they are made with sulfur heads plus other chemicals.  While these elements help to boost their performance, they can add a nasty odor that could tarnish your cigar’s flavor.  If you must use a paper match, light it, wait a couple of seconds (this burns off the chemicals), and position the flame about 1/4 inch from the cigar’s tip.  As you do this, puff in the flame to get the cigar ignited.  Good luck if you are outside and there’s wind around, as it might take a while to get one match to finally do the trick.  Again, paper matches are your last resort.

Wooden Matches

Moving up a bit in the cigar lighting hierarchy we find wooden matches.  Wooden matches don’t carry the cheap stigma that their paper counterparts do.  In fact, you’ll find plenty of cigar smokers that use wooden matches as their lighting instruments of choice since they are affordable, dependable, classy, and can often be carried on airplanes without any trouble.  Beyond these aforementioned advantages, wooden matches do not emit the nasty chemical odors that afflict paper matches.

As for using wooden matches, your best bet is to strike the match, wait a couple of seconds until the wood begins to burn, and light the cigar.  You may not get the job done on the first try, but you shouldn’t need too many tries to achieve lighting success.  If you want to take things one step further, you can even look for special wooden matches made for cigars at your local retailer or online.


0 # Need to add cedar spillsThomas Person 2013-05-22 13:47
A spill is a slender piece of wood or twisted paper, for lighting candles, lamps, campfires or fireplaces. Before more modern inventions such as lighters and chemical matchsticks, a cedar spill was the traditional method to light a cigar.

Wood of various lengths, thickness and species were torn into narrow strips and lit with whatever flame source was handy. Cigars were slowly roasted and toasted, allowing the oils and water within the tobacco leaves to slowly smolder, ignite and reveal almost immediately the full flavor and aroma of the cigar.

Regardless of what method you use to light your cigar, take your time when doing so.

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