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Friday, 26 July 2013

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Nothing goes better with a cigar than a drink, but what kind of drink is up to you. We all have our favorite ways to pair a cigar with beer, wine or spirits, so here are a few ideas to whet your thirst—and your imagination.






Have a brew or two
If you’re looking for the right beer to pair with your favorite cigar, the best rule is the lighter the smoke, the lighter the beer. The delicate taste of a fine light pilsner would be overwhelmed by the heavy taste of a strong cigar. If you’re going to be drinking a high-quality craft brew, choose a milder cigar to go with it. If you’re looking for a beer that can stand up to a Robusto cigar, go for a hefty ale, Belgian-style beer or one of the darker craft beers. Since just about any cigar can kill the taste of a beer, some smokers prefer to cleanse their palates with water before popping the top on a brew.


Lovers of the very strong cigars tend to prefer stout lagers or barrel aged beers. There are a select few beers that get high marks for their ability to stand up to a robust cigar, like Hop City's Barking Squirrel Lager. This red lager from Canada is praised for its clean hop smell, light mouth feel and crisp finish. Samuel Adams' Stony Brook Red is another favorite for its combination of tart and earthy-oak flavors with a sour and floral finish.


If you’re really into drinking brew with your smokes, you’ll want to plan a visit to the Cigar City Brewing Company in Tampa, Florida. This brewery serves up a variety of libations like Maduro Brown Ale and a series of limited releases called the Humidor Series. The secret to Cigar City’s brews is the use of ingredients that also turn up in cigars like citrus woods, Cuban espresso, guava, jalapeños, and Spanish cedar.

Wine is sublime.
Many cigar aficionados find beers too weak in taste to complement a premium cigar, but do enjoy sipping a fine wine with their favorite smoke. Although ports and fortified wines have the heavier body that can stand up to a robust cigar, some smokers prefer lighter wines with the lighter bodied cigars. The best ports for pairing with cigars are the older ones that have had time to develop aromas of fruit, spice and roasted nuts. Tawny port, sherry and Madeira are also good choices, while some smokers prefer Chianti, merlot, Bordeaux, syrah or cabernet sauvignon.


Don't stop reading now because it isn't only beer and wine that goes well with cigars.  Keep reading to see some recommendations for pairing a cigar with something a little stronger than beer.

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